The week we Mewtwo much(31.05.19)


We’re no longer keeping our Meowth shut… we can FINALLY show off about our work furrifying Detective Pikachu and his many, many Poke-pals (24 to be exact). You can read about the work in the VES’ VFX Voice and Animation World Network or take yourselves over to our website for more info on the Pokemon-filled world (without the input of those other VFX companies).


Creative Director, Film, Jonathan Fawkner (LDN), along with MPC’s Pete Dionne, reveal the various ways visual effects were used to help Director Rob Letterman bring the little-fluffy-yellow-joker, Pikachu to furry life.

Avengers: Endgame

While we’re on the subject of catching-em-all, Endgame continues to edge closer to the historic box office record set by Avatar. The Marvel-ous movie has now grossed a grand total of $2.694 billion worldwide, snapping at the heels of the James Cameron blockbuster’s $2.787 billion.

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Captain Marvel

VFX Supervisor Christian Kaestner (MTL) discusses the creation of the iconic CG suit moments and the challenges of creating the underwater scene in the opening of the film, fluctuating between slow-motion and real-time in this Digital Trends piece

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall

Although the series has ended,  you can still get in on the action and own your own flaming sword. The VR experience that was featured in AT&T stores launches on Viveport today. So what are you waiting for? Become a part of the Night’s Watch and defend The Wall against an army of the dead. See more info here.


Hit The Road

JW Insights

Across the pond in NY, Managing Director Charles Howell spoke with Marty Swant of AdWeek about creativity and the future of storytelling at the JW Insights conference this week.

MD, Chloe Grysole (MTL) hosted a Townhall event, presenting three new film projects, an update on facilities and plans for this year’s summer event.



Head of Recruitment, Benoît Debaecker and Recruiter, Lee-Anne Cormier (MTL) were at the Cegep du Vieux Gala this week, where Framestore gave a generous prize of $500 to the TOP student in animation.


In the London Training room, artists discovered a whole new way to sculpt this week, using Masterpiece VR. This is one of many new artistic tools in VR like Anim VR, Tvori, and Gravity Sketch. There will be more opportunities to try it out coming soon.


Modeller Roo MacNeil (LDN) was the star guest of the most recent Student Art Podcast talking all things VFX. The channel is dedicated to artists who are passionate about creating art, and to inspire both current and future talent. Check it out below.


It’s all fun and games Soccer Ball on Apple


Here’s how the soccer game went down:

“On Wednesday, the two undefeated teams were squaring off to claim the top of the standings, Framestore FC vs MPC. We fought hard and had our chances but we had to admit defeat. Final score: 4-1.

“The only goal was scored by Yohann Deberg.

“We’ll face MPC again this summer and we’ll have another chance to claim victory.”

Don’t worry though, Framestore, because this has been the reaction to their recent Pumbaa character poster for the live-action The Lion King:


ndskdScreenshot (1)

ANYWAY back to the matter in hand..


After a winning streak, Flamestorm took their first defeat against ASOS “Aces”, with a final score of 25-6.

We look forward to next week, where no doubt both teams will be on top form!


Recruiting for 6-a-side football

In London, the 6-a-side football team are looking to recruit more talent for regular and reserve players. The games take place at Colombo Centre in Southbank on Monday evenings 8pm kick off. If you’re interested please contact Taylor Kennard.


South Coast Challenge Person Running on Apple Person Running on Apple Person Running on Apple

Philippe Mothais (LDN) will be taking in an epic challenge, involving a 100km run from Eastbourne to Arundel on the South coast. The task will take place 31st August and will raise money for Cancer Research UK, a charity which conducts important research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Show your support for Philippe’s mission here!



Beau Leon (LA) fixes up Katy Perry’s latest music video Never Really Over which this dreamy grade.

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