The week everyone wanted a piece of ONE PIECE 🏴‍☠️ (1.9.23)

Time for Season Two

ONE PIECE drops its final trailer ahead of series launch ⛵️

Apple TV+’s Invasion season 2 episode 2 drops


Netflix’s live-action ONE PIECE adaptation receives glowing first reviews

Check out some of the initial praise on The Direct, MovieWeb and Vulture.

Bringing ONE PIECE’s VFX to life

ONE PIECE co-showrunner Steven Maeda and showside VFX supervisors Victor Scalise and Scott Ramsey spoke with AWN to explain the VFX approach that was taken in order to do justice to the series, and to the fans – and shouted out Framestore for our work on the show.

Go further in-depth here.

LBB | Content That Connects: Mike McGee’s Greatest Risks Led to the Greatest Rewards

LBB, in association with Comcast Technology Solutions, chatted with Mike McGee, co-founder and CCO of Framestore, about the alchemy of crafting work that connect with audiences, the machine learning-fuelled evolving landscape of VFX, and what aspiring VFX creatives need to know.

Read the full interview here.


Elvis rocks at the APDG Awards

This past weekend at the APDG Awards, our work on Elvis took home the award for 3D Design! VFX Supervisor Josh Simmonds accepted the award on behalf of the Framestore VFX team.

The annual APDG Awards celebrates excellence and creativity of Australian production designers in various fields of visual media. Congrats to everyone involved on this exciting honour – including VFX Supervisor Glenn Melenhorst on his nomination in the same category for Lyle Lyle Crocodile.

In other news

MTL has celebrated its tenth-year anniversary! Watch the video commemorating these milestones, their success and their journey.

ONE PIECE takes over the Santa Monica pier for premiere

To the fair!

Montréal hosts film club

A quick reminder that the US and CAN have a public holiday on Monday!

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