The week we designed The Marvels💫(10.11.23)

Marvel at The Marvels

The World Needs More Santas | Coca Cola

The ad was highlighted by LBB in their Work of the Week article commenting on the way the ad brings people together to create ‘a little bit of Real Magic’.

Dell Students

Coming Soon…

Dive into Damsel

Catch the first trailer out now.


Greatest Christmas Ads

David Reviews | PlayStation PS5

Designing the Haunted Mansion

Variety Oscar Predictions


Animex 2023

Aesthetica Film Festival

CICLOPE Celebrations

In other news

Beaming with the BAFTA

From Left to Right: Federico Scarbini, Gavin Platt, Michael Bryant, Claire Michaud, Chris Lawrence, Shayne Farrier, David Nielsen, Caspar Vinall, Matthieu Goutte

Diwali Celebrations

The Marvels Cast and Crew Screening

Team from left to right
Niki Ryan, Ian Spendloff, Hong Yane Wang, Danielle Nadal, Lucy Hare, Daniella Marsh, Suzanne Jandu, David Lochhead, Emma Simpson, Julien Van Wallendael

MTL Basketball