The week we go BTS on the Guardians (04.8.23)

Watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 on Disney+

This week we saw Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 released on Disney+ which brought our fantastic CG creatures and character animation to the small screen. Following the film’s wonderful reception upon its cinematic release, the love continues to pour in for the soulful menagerie created by our teams in LDN, MTL, VAN and MUM.

Time to look forward to Loki Season 2

The god of mischief returns this week as the trailer for Loki Season 2 went live this week. It shows off our amazing collaborative work between FPS and our VFX teams across LDN, MTL and MUM, led by Matt Twyford. The series starts streaming in October.

Roll up! Roll up! to the Circus 🎪 with Sky Sports

This week we saw Idris Elba lead a circus full of the biggest stars in sport, who show off their skills in ways that’ve have never been seen before in The Greatest Show on Earth. With work by our LDN VFX team and Creative Director, Kamen Markov, the ad showcases the sporting spectacle available on their platform.


Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Polygon Exclusive

Gaming and entertainment site Polygon have gone large with a stunning Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 snow and tell reel, highlighting our teams’ work on Rocket, Cosmo and Groot and the spectacular character animation our artists brought to the trilogy. Read more here.

befores & afters feature Tim Webber and FLITE

befores & afters featured an excerpt from their cover story interview with our CCO, Tim Webber on their website this week. In this excerpt from issue #12 of their magazine, Tim tells them what it was like to direct the short with this new approach. Read more here.

Televisual features new Framestore Creative Directors

New to the immersive team Creative Technology Directors, Manon Dave and Brian Soloman have been featured in Televisual magazine this week. The article explores their previous careers and the unique skills they will be bringing to the LDN and NY teams.

Read more here.

VFXexpress x Jack Ryan S4

VFXexpress shared our breakdown for Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 4. Our NY team, led by VFX Supervisor Thomas Montminy Brodeur, was tasked with executing various visual effects, most notably a head replacement in episode 5 on the character Mike November, played by Michael Kelly. Read more here.

Catch the CALM ‘Unseen Signals’ on the Outernet screens in LDN

Glimpse the impactful work we created for CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) which can now be seen on the Outernet screens at Tottenham Court Road, helping to challenge the stigma around mental health.

In other news

Farsight Talk with Dan Chapman

Product Manager and Unreal expert Dan Chapman gave a preview of his SIGGRAPH presentation to the team in LDN this week. Dan explored our ever-improving visualisation platform to share the ways we have been developing and using the platform in our work recently. The presentation will be available to watch soon via Round Up.

Raphaelle Weisz Visit to MUM

VFX Associate Producer Raphaelle Weisz spent the last 6 months with our production team in MUM conducting over 25 training sessions whilst also learning so much more in return from the team. She had an incredible experience getting accustomed to the team, its culture, the various social events and festivals that she got to be part of, and most of all the ever-busy and eclectic MUM life – all of which she will miss a lot! 

Penultimate Points for Flamestorm

This week in Flamestorm’s penultimate regular season game, they took on the Wagestream “Gresse Lightning”. It was close with both teams batting very well making for a high scoring game! Unfortunately in the end, Wagestream squeaked ahead with a final score Wagestream 34 – 32 Framestore. Good luck for the final game!

Wild Life in LDN

The LDN office welcomed some wolves and the wonderful artists at Wild Life Drawing to the office this week. A great introduction to drawing from life and with some information on wolf behaviour, you can see some examples of the teams work below.

Mel Sullivan in VAN

Mel Sullivan’s visit to VAN was a blast! The team had a fantastic time enjoying a sunny lunch with VFX Producers and Supes, and enjoying some fabulous coffees made by the Barista Ops Team! Thanks for the lovely visit, Mel. Come back soon! 

LDN interns mid way reviews

The incredible LDN interns have been with us for almost four weeks now and alongside their day-to-day training they have been working on their own personal projects. They had their mid way presentations this week, showing their work to each other, their Framestore mentors, and colleagues gaining feedback on their work.

Don’t forget that VAN has a Bank Holidays upcoming on August 7th.

That’s all folks for this week!