The week we’re back in Black (Mirror) (16.6.23)

New Foundations

Apple has released the official trailer for Foundation Season 2, which will start streaming on July 14th. Based on Isaac Asimov’s novels, the Foundation series chronicles a band of exiles on their monumental journey to save humanity and rebuild civilization amid the fall of the “Galactic Empire”. The new trailer showcases thrilling action sequences and stunning creatures crafted by our passionate sci-fi artists in MTL and MUM, led by VFX Supervisor Laureline Silan.

Valley of the Dolls

Barbie stars Margot Robbie, Issa Rae, America Ferrera and Kate McKinnon appeared on the Kelly Clarkson show this week to promote the film. The cast put their doll trivia to the test in an attempt to win prizes for the audience.

Louis Vuitton

This stylish campaign sees Framestore team up with Louis Vuitton to showcase the brands limited-edition silver hue, Horizon Light Up Speaker. Directed by Jacob Sutton, the spot features VFX by our London team and grade by Company3.

Back in Black (Mirror)

Season 6 of Black Mirror premiered this week, featuring some stunning work from the LDN team in episode 4, ‘Mazey Day’. Here’s a taste of what the season has to offer.


Befores & Afters

The Little Mermaid VFX Supervisor Tim Burke met Ian Failes from Befores & Afters to discuss the magic behind Ariel’s underwater scenes. Read the full article here.

Art of VFX

Vince Frei also took a deep dive into the wild uncharted waters of Ariel’s magical kingdom with Tim Burke, who gives a shout out to VFX Supervisor Andy Kind and Animation Supervisor Pablo Grillo. Read the article here.


Annecy Festival

Animation fans descended on the town of Annecy this week for the annual animation festival. Kayn Garcia and Pablo Grillo graced the Imperial Palace stage to talk all things character animation, and at our booth, Kayn, Brad Silby, Daniel Bielawski, and Alvise Avati conducted workshops on their own specialist areas of animation. The team managed to track down a few Framestore cups from years past in some of the bars – all in the name of research, obviously.


Meet Mumbai Creature FX TD V Suresh Bahadur, an environment enthusiast who finds joy in the art of cooking and cleaning and believes all of life’s problems can be put to rest with just a simple smile. V Suresh, you’ve been [FRAMED].

In other news

Framestore Podcast

Episode 22 of the Framestore Podcast comes in two parts, this time it’s Associate VFX Producer Raphaelle Weisz in the hot seat, hosted by Simon Devereux and Production Assistant Chris Mylordos. Get to know Rapha in part one on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Part two delives into Rapha’s views on the post-pandemic entertainment industry, the rise of artificial intelligence, catch up on Spotify and Apple Podcasts .

Corridor Crew Extended Cut

The extended cut of Tim Webber’s Corridor Crew – VFX Reacts – spot is available to watch here. They take a look back at Gravity, The Dark Knight and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire whilst looking forward at the potential of FUSE and Real-Time technology through the lens of FLITE.

This video has been made available to us courtesy of Corridor Digital, please do not share outside of the Framestore network.

If you missed the original video in last week’s Round Up, you can watch it below:

VAN’s Best and Brightest

VAN’s Launchpad interns were joined by Lighting HOD Alastair Cross this week, who led an illuminating masterclass on all things lighting. Every day is a school day!

Men’s Mental Health Week

It’s Men’s Mental Health Week in MEL this week, so the studio’s Private Health Insurance partner Medibank organised a webinar featuring Hugh Toovey, a 31 year-old Army Captain, Founder of 25 STAY ALIVE, a two time Cancer Survivor, and a Mental Health Advocate. People joined both online and in person to listen to Hugh talk about men’s health, how to seek help, and mental health and physical illness.

Sweet Treats

This past week MEL kicked off pride celebrations by treating the team to pride cupcakes from the legendary Cupcake Queens, while LDN battled the heat with some delicious ice cream. Yum!

Sports Teams Are Go!

MTL Basketball team Framesquad played their second game of the season this week. After a very close and well fought game, Framesquad had to admit defeat 29-27 against the Investissement-Quebec team who scored the victory 2 points 30 seconds before the final whistle.

LDN’s Flamestorm also did battle this week, gathering on a beautiful evening in Regents Park to face previous league champions, Amazon. Framestore came out swinging with an early lead in the first inning and never took their foot off the gas, eventually delivering a comfortable win 24 – 15.

Table Tennis Tournament

VAN brought the heat to Social Friday with an epic round-robin Table Tennis Tournament. The event was an absolute blast and the energy was off the charts as competitors brought their A-game, showcasing impressive skills. A huge congratulations to winner Mizuki Yamada for a well-deserved victory.

VES Pub Night

Our interns had an amazing time at the VES Pub Night, mixing and mingling with VAN’s top VFX professionals and making valuable connections in the industry. Here they are rubbing shoulders with some of Vancouver’s notable names.

That’s it for this week!