The week we’re keeping everything crossed (10.3.23)

It’s Oscar Sunday, baby!

This Sunday is not a regular Sunday – it’s Oscar Sunday and Top Gun: Maverick is nominated for Best Visual Effects! The high-octane, cinematic spectacle features absolutely seamless FX work with a squadron led by VFX Supervisor Ryan Tudhope demonstrating forensic attention to detail across some 2,400 shots. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for everyone who put their heart and souls into this spectacular film.

MTL-based Compositors Nic Lim and Shae Lyn See who also worked on Top Gun: Maverick have been featured in Daily Express, The Sun and Daily Star. The power couple talks about their rewarding journey into the VFX industry as well as their work on the Oscar nominated film.

Going back 65 million years

65 finally hit theatres! The film follows pilot Mills who, after a catastrophic crash on an unknown planet, quickly discovers he’s actually stranded on Earth – albeit 65 million years ago. With only one chance at a rescue, Mills and the only other survivor must make their way across an unknown terrain riddled with dangerous prehistoric creatures. Variety says that “[Directors] Beck and Woods make dinosaurs frightening for the first time in decades.” which is largely due to the impressive VFX by our MEL studio led by VFX Supervisor Josh Simmonds and CG Supervisor Nathan Ortiz. We can’t wait to get our tickets! If you haven’t seen the trailer yet then check it out below.

Dipping our toes into the sea

Disney released a new official poster for The Little Mermaid just before releasing the official trailer during the Oscars this Sunday on ABC. Check it out below!

Go behind the scenes of Lockwood and Co.

Netflix gave us a look behind the hauntings of Lockwood & Co. featuring some of Framestore’s gorgeous ghouls, and VFX Supervisor Sean Mathiesen.

Mrs. Maisel hits Amazon Prime

The much anticipated fifth and final season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel comes to Prime Video on April 14th, and we can hardly wait! Our NY-based team was tasked with fully recreating scenes of Times Square in the 1960s. Catch the first teaser to see what’s in store for Midge. 

Mario Day

Framestore Pictures Director Murray Butler collaborated for the 3rd time with Nintendo for a catchy, colourful adventure. Shot over multiple days in Mexico City “Mario Day” brings beloved characters to life in this heightened reality movie musical. Butler joined forces with our CHI VFX team and agency Leo Burnett and once again met the challenge of integrating the iconic characters into the live-action, while keeping them as close to the source material as possible.

Overcoming Obstacles

The U.S. Army announced a new brand that redefines ‘Be All You Can Be’ for a new generation. Framestore was proud of our role in this effort, with our LA-based team leading VFX as part of Team DDB in support of Army Marketing. Stay tuned to see all the ways we will show how the Army helps youth explore their passions, build community, and become the best version of themselves. 

Dance into the night with Louis Vuitton

For the launch of Louis Vuitton’s third-generation Horizon Light Up Earphones, Framestore’s LDN team partnered with the brand on this stylishly choreographed campaign directed by Jacob Sutton and graded by Company 3.

Dial up the Glam

Framestore’s LDN team and Iconoclast dial up the glam as Kali Uchis steps into the spotlight for the launch of H&M’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection.



We know you’re all absolute rock stars but it’s not everyday Framestore lands in the NME. Kudos, then, to VFX Supervisor Alexis Wajsbrot and Head of Art Department Martin Macrae who rub shoulders with music’s great and good to discuss how AI can help Framestore push the boundaries within VFX. Read more here.

In other news

Celebrating International Women’s Day around the World

In celebration of International Women’s Day, the MUM studio organised a special cake cutting for all the strong, talented and beautiful women in the studio. After the cake cutting, they all caught up over some yummy snacks and everyone was gifted a small plant in memory of this special day! 

The MEL studio hosted a high tea lunch for all to enjoy and encouraged all staff to wear purple to show their support.

The VAN studio organised a clothing drive in support of the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre and supported one of their favourite women-owned businesses in Vancouver, Chou Chou Crepes. A huge thanks to everyone who has donated so far to the clothing drive and to everyone who came together at the studio to celebrate this important day. 

The MTL studio celebrated with an event that supported a local women-owned business, Cafe Dei Capi, and provided a delicious assortment of sweet treats that everyone enjoyed during their coffee break.

The LDN studio welcomed 180 students from Walthamstow School for Girls to explore and discover the many career options the world of VFX has to offer. Curious and ambitious for their careers, the pupils came loaded with questions which we will put to female leaders across Framestore to answer this Women’s History Month. 

Holi Celebrations

The MUM studio celebrated a very colourful and vibrant festival of Holi with a t-shirt painting competition on Monday, March 6th. Instead of applying colour on each other (which is the norm), they decided to splatter all the available colours onto a T-shirt in true artistic fashion. The team even decorated the studio with loads of colourful balloons and feasted on a Holi special lunch. 

Employee Appreciation Day in MEL

It was Employee Appreciation Day on Friday, 3rd March and it was the perfect opportunity to extend thanks to one another. The MEL team took part in writing appreciation messages to one other on a communal board!

Heart of Stone Lunch and Learn

It is great to see Lunch and Learns back at the VAN studio! These sessions provide an excellent opportunity for teams to come together over a meal, share knowledge and best practices. Way to go Heart of Stone!

VES Pub Night

Framestore sponsored the first VES Pub Night of 2023 in VAN and the turnout was fantastic! We were thrilled to support the Visual Effects Society and organise events that foster connections and collaborations in the Vancouver Community. A huge thanks to everyone who came out to support the event!

Axe Throwing Night

The LDN IA Compositing team spent some quality time together whilst throwing axes!

Immortal Awards Showcase

Our LDN studio welcomed LBB’s Immortal Awards Showcase this week who presented the winning work from the 2022 competition. The audience enjoyed a lovely evening filled with tasty snacks, drinks, and the best company anyone could ask for.

Framestore Podcast

In this week’s episodes, the Framestore Podcast kicks off a series of conversations celebrating Women’s History Month starting off with Visual Effects Supervisor, Patricia Llaguno, whose career spans over two decades. Patricia is joined by NY-based guest co-host and VFX Compositor, Em Hackley who joined Framestore as a Launchpad Intern in June last year before securing her promotion in the Comp team six months later. Listen to both episodes on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

That’s it for this week! Please remember that our MEL studio will be closed on Monday, March 13th to observe Labour Day.