The week we’ve got our game face on (17.2.23)

We Were Feeling Epic

Who said that Super Bowl Sunday is only for sports fans? It’s also the main event for us film and advertising folks, and we were hyped to see a range of fantastic spots as well as the new trailer for The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (featuring our beloved Rocket Raccoon). Make sure to take a look at the trailer which includes stellar VFX by our teams in LDN, VAN, and MUM led by VFX Supervisors Alexis Wajsbrot and Stephane Nazé. Is it May 5th yet?!

Under the Sea in 100 days

The Little Mermaid fans were in distress when the long-awaited trailer for Disney’s newest live-action remake didn’t air during this year’s Super Bowl. Little did they know that Disney would drop a teaser trailer just a few days later. Take a look at the stunning visual effects our teams in LDN, MTL and MUM created for this fin-tastic film.

Let’s Hang in Your Favourite Netflix Universe

General Motors is going electric and Netflix is joining in by using more EVs in their films and TV shows. Framestore leveraged its Army of the Dead film assets to recreate the post-apocalyptic Vegas scene, oversaw the shoot on an LED volume stage, and used 4D volumetric captures to populate the plague of zombies. It’s the least we could do.

Somewhere, Anywhere

Melissa McCarthy conjures up a series of dream holiday scenarios in this musical film for Our teams in LA, NY and LDN worked on a series of vignettes, requiring virtual production on an LED stage, a new 2.5D volume technique, and 360 degree footage reprojected onto meshes in a realtime 3D scene, then fed to the LED wall. From sprinkling snow, to adding dimension in Joshua Tree, and populating a beach with people and umbrellas, our team really earned their next vacation!

Take a Sip

An all-out kung fu battle between Coors Light and Miller Lite to claim a starring role in the commercial called for intense pre-planning by our NY VFX team. They created a CG ceiling, removed stunt harnesses, completed complex FX simulations and animation for breaking through walls and shattering glass watch faces, turned beer coasters into ninjas, and composited flying hotdogs.

A Big Mac and a Happy Meal, Please

McDonald’s joins the Super Bowl LVII lineup with a string of sweet, heartfelt interviews with real life couples, showing us how knowing their partner’s order is an act of love in itself. Shot on 35mm film, Framestore’s compositing team relished working within the natural confines, creating and implementing invisible VFX, while maintaining the authentic feeling captured on celluloid.

History Does Not Repeat Itself

Our NY team charged ahead to capture reference material with a drone team, then digitally create a shoreline which resembled that of Troy. They used DMP for the inner city, battle debris and landscape, built a fleet of CG battleships, and added fires and destruction using comp and CG. Finally, the carefully crafted 40 ft. tall horse prop was scanned and replicated in CG in order to digitally throw it off the cliff. A battle fit for the ages!

Good Boys Eat Beans

Our team once again joined forces with Bush’s Beans to enhance good boy Duke’s performance (he may be well-trained, but he’s not exactly a seasoned public speaker). The team went to painstaking lengths to ensure the CG muzzle matched the real one exactly. LiDAR scans allowed artists to capture his precise dimensions, while photoreal skin textures and fur brought the model to life.

Annie Baaa-reaks Free

CHI and LDN created a hero sheep character, named Annie (complete with her lightning bolt tattoo), as well as 40 individual background sheep using Maya, Houdini, as well as proprietary grooming and creature FX tools that factor in skeletal and muscle layers.

Shop Like A Billionaire

Temu chose to blur the lines between in-camera and digital VFX in its Super Bowl debut. With this practical approach in mind, our LA team combined VFX, compositing, DMP and design to help bring the fun and quirky spot to life.

Viva Las Vegas

Teaming up with Sky Creative, Framestore Pictures’ William Bartlett directs an adrenaline fuelled Formula 1 campaign, that sees this season’s main protagonists in an epic three horse race as they compete on an incredible, gravity-defying rollercoaster track. Supported end to end by Framestore Pictures and our LDN IA team, from pre-production, through to shoot, VFX and with grade by Company 3, the goal was to create a truly visceral experience where the audience is fully immersed in the excitement and spectacle of F1. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

If you would like to read more about the project then check out this piece by LBB.

Meet Dinosaurs

Thought you missed your chance to ever meet a dinosaur? Think again, and take a look at Sony’s new trailer for 65 which features the t-rexcellent work by our amazing team in MEL.


FX Guide

Take a deep dive into the incredible VFX of Top Gun: Maverick with this piece from FX Guide, which sees Production VFX Supervisor Ryan Tudhope dig into the detail of the Tomcats, Darkstar prototype, environments and more. Read more here.

Little Black Book

Junior Rigger Nathan Clarke spoke to LBB about his career journey into the exciting world of VFX and a CG reptile which earned him a Young Arrows award. Read the full piece here.

In other news

Oscar Luncheon

Nominees for the 95th Oscars were celebrated at a luncheon at the Beverly Hilton last Monday. Can you spot our VFX Supervisors Ryan Tudhope and Bryan Litson? The 95th Oscars will air on Sunday, March 12th.

VES Celebrations

Framestorians from across the globe gathered in LA this week to attended this years 21st VES Awards ceremony. Chief Executive, Film & Episodic Fiona Walkinshaw, Head of Studio (VAN) Naomi Stopa, Managing Director (CAN) Chloe Grysole and Executive VP Film & Episodic James Whitlam were joined by our VES nominees and Director James Cameron. You all look dashing!

The night before the 21st Annual VES Awards ceremony, our team hosted a nominee get-together at the Phoenix in LA. It was a great event with the best company anyone could ask for.

Smash Virtual Production Studio

President of Advertising (US) James Razzall, Executive VP Advertising (US) Krystina Wilson and Framestore Pictures Director Rich Lee took part in a masterclass at Smash Virtual Production Studios, Chicago’s first dedicated LED soundstage, this week to present case studies of recent projects that have used VP and realtime technology.

Behind the Scenes of His Dark Materials

As well as a brilliant feat of world building, His Dark Materials has had a huge impact on the Welsh film and TV industry. To give local students and residents an insight into what goes into creating such a standout show, Coleg y Cymoedd will be hosting a behind-the-scenes exhibition at its Nantgarw campus. Production VFX Supervisor Russell Dodgson will be on-hand to explain the VFX process, as well as other top members of the show’s creative team. Find out more here.

NYC Super Bowl Viewing Party

The NY office celebrated the Super Bowl with food themed to each team. Mighty Quinn’s delivered Kansas City BBQ, while Wogie’s delivered Philly cheesesteaks and soft pretzels. An NFL-themed playlist blasted in reception while the game was screened in the common area.

Don’t Go Baking My Heart

The MTL facilities team organised a Valentine’s bake sale, and all proceeds will be donated to charity. A big thank you to all the bakers who participated and spread love to all of us with their amazing creations! 

It’s All Love in MEL

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, our MEL studio enjoyed some mouth-watering donuts! Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, we can all agree that it’s a great excuse to treat yourself! 

Framestore Podcast

In the first episode of this week’s podcast, we welcome Executive Producer Sabrina Gagnon and Lead Compositor Marco Garcia who discuss their experience of working on Top Gun: Maverick. Find the episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. The second episode features MTL-based Compositors and married couple Shae Lyn See and Nicolas Lim Tuck Lee who reflect on their time working on Top Gun: Maverick. You can tune in on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Where Magic Comes to Life

The Quebec Film and Television Council (QFTC) is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to contribute to the development and competitiveness of Quebec as a world-class film and television production centre. QFTC recently produced a video to highlight Quebec’s VFX and Animation industries and the talented individuals who contribute through their creativity and skill. Our MTL team offered to host the filming crew so that they could film in a studio environment. Again, we would like to thank all the extras at Framestore who took part!

You’re all caught up for this week! Please remember that our colleagues in the US will enjoy a long weekend to observe Presidents Day on Monday, January 20th as well as our colleagues in VAN to observe Family Day.