The week we start the Christmas countdown (4.11.22)

Have your ‘Elf a Merry Christmas

The Framestore team were excited to embrace this creative and technically challenging brief, which brings Buddy, from the beloved holiday classic Elf, into the nation’s living room for a charming and hilarious Asda Christmas campaign. Having skilfully rotoscoped Buddy out of the original film, the team helped fit an entire new world around him that was faithful down to the last eyeline, shadow and cast interaction. Intricate match grading then provided the final festive touch, bringing our modern world closer to the look, feel and spirit of the beloved original film. Congratulations to our team whose work is already being hailed as “meticulous planning and deft-touch VFX techniques” by Campaign and “clever comping from the brainiacs at Framestore” by Shots. The spot also received a 5 star rating from The Sun. To watch the ad on live TV, tune into ITV1 at 8.45pm on Friday 4th November. 

Save the Survivors

We have come together with Save the Children to deliver the charity’s latest compelling campaign, ‘Save the Survivors’. Collaborating with director Tomas Jonsgården, our LDN team supported the film’s messaging with VFX services, and colour from Jean-Clément Soret at Company 3.

Capital One Multiple Taylors

To celebrate all things Taylor Swift, Capital One presented ‘Multiple Taylors’ appearing in a variety of iconic outfits in the same shot. Working off detailed sets built within one stage to capture various Taylors in-camera, the CHI team helped extend and enhance environments, adding ceilings, walls, windows and exteriors. From there, a multiplying Taylor was achieved through a mix of traditional split screens and a number of motion control passes for hero shots. Vivid colour grade by Company 3.



From the beautiful to the ewwww-inducing, Alex Garland’s Men features spectacular and distinctive work courtesy of our LDN and MUM teams. A huge congratulations to VFX Supe David Simpson and everyone who worked on the film, because their work has been nominated for a BIFA in the ‘Best Effects’ category. Fingers crossed for Sunday 4th December, when the winners are announced!

Bulldog Awards

Huge congrats to the IA team, whose brilliantly unnerving work for The Baby has earned a nomination in the ‘Best VFX’ category in Televisual’s Bulldog Awards. Voting is quick, easy and closes this weekend – please do show the team’s work some love if you can!


Meet our MUM based CFX TD Monica Sharma who’d love to hang with Iron Man, swears by candies and chocolates as her daily fuel, and has a lifelong dream of building herself a self-sustainable home (manifesting this to happen soon).

In other news

Prashant Nair at the VFX Summit

CG Supervisor Prashant Nair joined this year’s VFX Summit in HICC, Hyderabad and spoke about his experience and the technical aspects of working behind the scenes on Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Thor: Love and Thunder and Moon Knight

Celebrating achievements

Our MUM team had a get-together to celebrate the successful delivery of the final season of His Dark Materials. The team delivered almost 600 shots for this epic season. Congrats!

A visit to MUM

Anne Murphy, Human Resources Director, and Lizi Bedford, Global Head of Resource Planning, from our LDN studio tvisited our MUM studio and met with Kartiki Patil, Head of Resource Management, Quincy Sataji, Human Resources Manager, and Sonali Pandey, HR Advisor, and many more.

A Visit to VAN

The VAN Lighting & Lookdev team enjoyed a visit from Paul Beilby, Global Head of Lighting, Claire Michaud, Head of Lookdev, and Alastair Cross, Lead Lighting TD, this past week. The team was lucky enough to enjoy some of Paul’s famous espresso martinis! You are welcome back any time!

Halloween festivities in CAN

We hope everyone is recovering from the Halloween sugar hangover! Here is a tour of Halloween celebrations in our CAN studios. VAN enjoyed a full schedule of Halloween festivities which ended with a costume contest where Joe De Michelis stole the show as Count Chocola.

Leading up to the costume contest, the team enjoyed a candy guessing competition, Halloween film trivia, virtual Halloween jigsaw puzzle, and the first WIP Screening.

MTL too had spooky amazing festivities as the event/facility team organised several contests and a spooktacular beer Friday!

Departments competed fiercely to win the decoration contest. The tracking department won this year’s edition with their interpretation of the enchanted forest. Followed closely by the layout department with their creepy circus theme.

Participation in the costume contest was high and votes were extremely tight. Congratulations to Cruella Deville and her mad dog for winning! We are looking forward to hosting more fun holiday events in the upcoming months.

Inktober in MTL

MTL took part in this year’s Inktober, a global challenge created by Jake Parker to improve inking skills and develop positive drawing habits.

Corner Door Happy Hour

At the end of last week the LA team had a blast gathering together for a Halloween-themed happy hour at their local bar, The Corner Door. Some even came festively dressed in costumes.

You’re all caught up peeps! Please keep in mind that on Friday, 11th November your colleagues in VAN will observe Veterans / Remembrance Day.