The week we dip our toes in the sea (16.9.22)

Out of the sea, wish I could be… part of that world

Disney made quite a splash this week with releasing the official teaser trailer for the live-action The Little Mermaid, directed by Rob Marshall. Variety reports that the teaser earned over 104 million global views within only a few days and received high praise on Twitter from celebrities including Zendaya, Halle Berry, Keke Palmer, Ben Platt, Nicki Minaj and Amanda Gorman. Sadly, we still have to wait for quite some time to see all the wonderful work by our LDN and MUM studios as well as the FPS team as the film is scheduled to hit theatres on 26th May 2023.

1899’s World Premiere

Netflix continues to tease the release of its highly anticipated mystery-horror television series 1899 with this stunning motion poster. Led by overall supe Christian Kaestner this has been a huge project for Framestore, and shows just how wide-ranging our talent pool truly is. Our art department got in at the ground floor, and the show was a landmark project for our FPS team and the multidisciplinary team from LDN who traveled to Babelsberg during the height of the pandemic. It features incredible VFX work by our MTL, VAN and MUM teams, and to cap it off our London IA team also worked their magic on the title sequence. Phew!

The first two episodes of 1899 were screened as a world premiere at TIFF – the Toronto International Film Festival! VFX Supervisor Christian Kaestner and VFX Producer Sophie Carroll had the honour of attending the premiere, alongside showrunners Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar as well as actors Emily Beecham and Andreas Pietschmann.

In a while, crocodile

What do you do when you find a singing crocodile in your attic that sounds like Shawn Mendes? Watch the new trailer for Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile, featuring a huge stack of toothsome by our MEL studio, and find out the full story exclusively in theatres on 7th October. Also, huge congratulations to our MEL team for delivering Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile this week!

Go anywhere, do anything

Jeep showcased their stunning new lineup of electric vehicles in a seven-minute presentation across seven scenic locations, with the help of Framestore Pictures Director Ben West and VFX teams across our US offices.

Nissan rolls into Basic Town

The people of Basic Town seem settled in their comfortable lives… that is, until Nissan rolls in and shows everyone what they’ve been missing out on when they settle for basic vehicles. The campaign saw our US teams bring the town to life with environment extensions and enhancements, as well as 2D cleanup on each of the cars.


Creative Circle

We’re thrilled to be sharing news about Creative Circle successes for two beautiful and distinctive projects. Our creatives netted the Gold award for their stunning work on the No Time To Die title sequence in the Best Title Sequence category. Elsewhere, we received both a Gold and Silver award for SHEBA ‘Hope Reef’ in both the Best Digital 3D Animation – Full CG and Best Animation for Positive Change categories. Congratulations to our team, partners and clients on these brilliant achievements!


VFX Voice

VFX Supervisor Matt Twyford spoke to VFX Voice about the LDN and MUM teams’ work on Thor: Love & Thunder, covering subjects like all those dazzling FX, building and destroying a crystal city and, of course, those pesky Booskans. Read more here.


Ankit Patil, MUM

We’re also introducing you to Tracking Lead Ankit Patil who loves to keep things simple, thrives on his music subscription and enjoys geeking out over the Sherlock series.

Murray Butler, LDN

Executive Creative Director and Pictures Director Murray Butler features in this week’s episode of Framed, where here divulges that his fantasy cellmate would be Alan Titchmarsh, Jules Hudson, anyone from the cast of Love Island.… or a combo (we’d tune into that).

In other news

Congrats, Murray!

Huge congratulations to Framestore Pictures Director Murray Butler for ranking in the global Top 10 ‘Director of the Year’ list by Cannes LIONS! Murray was recognised for his award-winning work on SHEBA® ‘Hope Reef’ and the United Nations Development Programme’s (UNDP) Don’t Choose Extinction

That’s a wrap!

Shazam 2! has been delivered and the entire VAN studio came together to celebrate the amazing work done by the team. Shazam 2! was the last project under the Method banner. Congratulations to everyone involved!

Good-bye summer

VAN studio couldn’t say good-bye to summer without hosting a last BBQ on the rooftop! 

ESMA School Graduation

CG Supervisor Freddy Salazar and Senior Recruitment Manager Toyah Dunningham attended the ESMA school graduation last week. They reviewed final projects and had 47 interviews/individual meetings with the graduating students.

Global Town Hall

If you missed this week’s Global Town Hall with Mel, Mike, William, and Michael then make sure to watch the recording here on FTV.

You’re all caught up for this week, peeps! Please remember that the LDN will observe a bank holiday on Monday and MEL on Thursday due to the Queen’s funeral.