The week we’re struck by love and thunder (8.7.22)

Happy Thors-day

Get the popcorn out! Thor: Love and Thunder has hit theatres around the globe and we couldn’t be more excited to see the fantastic work from our LDN, MTL, VAN and MUM studios, led by VFX Supervisor Matthew Twyford. If you need another push to make your way to the theatres, then make sure to check out the video below introducing Thor’s dream team.

Games Radar has already given a first review of the film calling it “another classic Thor adventure” and “wildly entertaining and face-achingly funny”.

The Baby is delivered

The Baby is now available to watch in the UK on Sky Atlantic and streaming service NOW. Our IA team started work on the quirky, horror, comedy TV series back in February 2021 and delivered 387 invisible VFX shots over the eight episodes. Most of these shots augmented or replaced the performance of the lead character, who, you guessed it.. is a baby! The team’s work also covered numerous set extensions, a middle finger being cut off, and a dog run over by a truck. Well, we all know what we’ll binge-watch this weekend…

Buzz around the bee

Man vs Bee was released on Netflix on 24th June and has captured the attention of millions of viewers. Headed up by our VFX Supe, Rob Duncan, the team worked heavily on the VFX for the series itself, meticulously crafting and animating a photorealistic bee. In homage of his many character roles, Rowan Atkinson joined the British GQ and gave us an insight into the mind of Trevor Bingley whilst also discussing our bee-autiful work.

Direct Line with King Valkyrie

In honour of today’s Thor: Love and Thunder release, our IA team also worked on the latest Direct Line spot featuring Marvel superhero King Valkyrie.

Ms Marvel tweets incoming

Our super talented Design team recently delivered the title sequence for Ms Marvel and the audience had some nice tweets to share. Congratulations to everyone involved!


The D Show

Congrats to our LA studio on GM’s Super Bowl Spot No Way, Norway for claiming two awards at Detroit’s biggest advertising awards, The D Show. The commercial took top honours in the ‘Branded Entertainment‘ and ‘TV: 60+’ categories.



Televisual covered our work on The Baby as we utilised cutting edge technology to create a photorealistic baby and stunning scenes. Read more here.

Befores and Afters

VFX Supe Stuart Penn and Animation Supe Chris Hurtt spoke to Before and Afters about how we created Egyptian gods Khonshu and Taweret in Moon Knight. Read all about it here.

Imagine FX

Art Director Dan Baker and VFX Supe Christian Manz explore all things creature design for the Wizarding World with Imagine FX. Read about it below.

Staff Awards

The Framestore Staff Award polls are still open, awaiting your votes. Please take some time to consider who you think would make worthy winners this quarter. As usual, go to the Intranet to cast your three votes (note that those who have received an award in the last twelve months are ineligible this time around). The polls will close on 12th July so make sure to vote here.


This week, we’d love to introduce you to Compositor Hayley Thomas who worked her magic on Thor: Love and Thunder, and whose dream project would include a certain bear that’s known to have a sweet tooth for marmalade.

In other news

CG Africa Competition

We are proud to have sponsored the ‘CGAfrica Competition 2022’ earlier this year, where Black concept artists from all levels were welcomed to participate. Now that the winners have been announced, you can check out their work below.

Disney Wish Cruise

VFX Supe Alan Woods and the attractions team recently worked on the media for a dinner show on board of the brand new Disney Wish cruise ship based in the Caribbean for which he was invited to join as a guest. What a great experience!

MTL Framestore FC Catch Up

The mighty Framestore FC have been battling on the pitch for the past few weeks, taking on Mathematic, Rodeo FX, Gameloft and DNEG. A soccer skirmish with Rodeo FX unfortunately ended the team’s top of the league winning streak; while the Gameloft match ended in a valiant 5:1 victory, a last minute loss to DNEG now puts the team at a respectable 4th place overall.

Best wishes to top striker Dan Batt as he recovers from an injury, and good luck to the team as the playoffs continue throughout the summer.

LDN Softball success

After two weeks of draws that were out of their control, Flamestorm came back on Thursday night against the Hearst “Honey Badgers”. It was a tense game until Flamestorm pulled ahead with an 11 point inning, securing victory. A special mention goes out to Sian Rhys Morgan for some great batting and patience at the plate, and Brandon Hartley for relentlessly holding it down on 3 seeing a ton of action! Final score: Flamestorm 19 – 7 Honey Badgers.

That’s it for this week’s Round Up – catch you next week!