The week we Kamala Khan’t even (18.3.22)

Hello Miss Marvel

Marvel treated us to a first look at Disney+ series Ms. Marvel, which features brilliant work from our Montreal artists, our colleagues from Method Studios’ Vancouver team and the London design team. The series follows Kamala Khan, a young Captain Marvel fan who gains her own superpowers. Ms. Marvel blasts onto Disney+ on 8th June.

Fantastic Scenes and Where to Find Them

Potter fans were sent scrambling when a surprise behind-the-scenes VT made its way onto social media this week. The principal cast of Secrets of Dumbledore, and overall VFX Supervisor Christian Manz, got us all caught up on where the Wizarding World stands as we prepare to re-join Newt Scamander on his journey to defeat Grindelwald. Plus, Warner Bros released a clip showing us one of Dumbledore’s many secrets.

Moon Knight at the Museum

Marvel fans everywhere rejoiced this week as a new trailer and an exclusive clip from Moon Knight were released, showcasing some of the brilliant work from the LDN VFX and FPS teams. Oscar Isaac and Co attended a special screening at the British Museum in London this week to promote the series – jealous doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Coulter told you that

Mrs Coulter (a.k.a. the wonderful Ruth Wilson) clearly isn’t all bad, since she recently teased a November release for S3 of His Dark Materials. The show sees Russ Dodgson back in the saddle as overall VFX Supervisor, and features work by our LDN, MTL and MUM teams. 

Moonfall Screening

Our MTL team was treated to a private crew screening of Rolland Emmerich’s disaster epic Moonfall. Congrats to VFX Supervisor Bob Winter and the whole team! These things don’t happen spontaneously, you’ve got to planet. (We’ll show ourselves out).

Pause is Power

The CHI team worked their magic on a variety of scenes for the star-studded “Pause is Power” campaign, from compositing divers in a pool scene, to creating colorful goat hooves. The spot, which ran on broadcast in the U.S. during NCAA March Madness this week, highlights the mental wellbeing of athletes and the importance of taking a break to recharge vs. the “win at all costs” mentality we often see.

Welcome to the Jungle

The rides team got a shout out in The Guardian this week, as the newspaper covered the upcoming Merlin x Jumanji theme park project led by Gavin Fox. Jumanji – The Adventure will open next month at Merlin’s Gardaland resort in Italy.

Dell Alienware

Dell shatters boundaries in the stunningly rich, VFX-heavy spot directed by Framestore Pictures’ Murray Butler, promoting its Alienware designed for optimum gaming. The project, which features gamers breaking out of their chrysalis and into their new reality, was supported end-to-end by Framestore Pictures and our CHI VFX team (in collaboration with Creative Director Sharon Lock), from pre-production and concept development, through to shoot, and VFX supervision, with a final grade by Company 3.

Method News

Yes we Cannes

Ooh-la-la, it looks like a whopping THREE Method titles will be strutting their stuff on the Croisette as part of this year’s ever-chic Cannes Film Festival. Top Gun: Maverick is set to touch down for a very special out-of-competition screening, while Elvis and Three Thousand Years Of Longing are also confirmed to make a splash at this year’s festival.

In Colour

Simon Bourne leant his skills to the Mayor of London’s viral ‘Have A Word’ campaign, which encourages men to take an unflinching look at their attitudes towards women, as well as those of their friends.

In Other News

Production Panel

Last week, we hosted a panel on Production, with over 300 people joining in on the call from all over the world. HUGE thanks to our panelists Kate Phillips (Global Head of Production), Paul Nightingale (Head of Production, MTL),  Raphaelle Weisz (Associate Producer), Simon Devereux (Director of Global Talent Development) and Alicia Pinet-Boesten (Recruiter) for sharing all of their knowledge on the industry!  If you missed the session, it’s available to watch on FTV.

Framestore Socials

Seems like we were all getting a bit social this week – Chloe Grysole and Mel Sullivan welcomed our new Head of Studio Naomi Stopa and Head of Production Jinnie Pak to Vancouver with some craft beers, and Montreal embraced the St Patrick’s Day spirit with a beer inspired recipe competition. Congratulations to Alana Shahbazian for securing the top prize with their Maple Beer Infused Tiramisu (Beeramisu)!

The London team celebrated all things Irish with guinness (and cocktails, for those inclined). Rumour has it the party didn’t end at Chancery Lane and some staffers ended up at Lucky Voice karaoke, but you didn’t hear that from us.

Salter The Earth

Senior Flame Artist Andrew Salter appeared on BBC’s Gardeners’ World last week, showcasing his horticultural talents. His garden proved popular with the twitter-verse, though we can’t help but wonder how he gets his post delivered…

That’s a wrap for this week! Wishing our colleagues in Mumbai a happy Holi festival.