The week we fall from space (4.2.22)

Moonfall Drops

Roland Emmerich’s epic, audacious Moonfall is colliding with cinema screens as you read this. The film features stunning work courtesy of our MTL team, led by VFX Supe Bob Winter. Head to your local picture house to see our work on the ‘First Mission’ opening scene, the unnerving ‘anomaly’ and, of course, that big ol’ moon.

New Netflix Titles

Netflix recently dropped a cheeky sizzle reel for its upcoming 2022 slate, which gives the world a glimpse at some of the films our studios have been working on. Framestore and Method titles in the remix for the year ahead include The School For Good And Evil (LDN/MTL), Slumberland (MTL), Spiderhead (Method MEL), White Noise (MTL) and Hustle (MTL).

We had a BLAST working on The Matrix Resurrections

When working on The Matrix Resurrections, we were tasked with honouring the style of the first three films while creating new, cutting-edge VFX elements that cohesively blended live-action stunts and seamless CG animation. Our work included the climactic, action-packed third-act action sequence complete with a high-octane motorbike chase, hurtling human torpedoes, and a death-defying helicopter stand-off. Read all about it on AWN.

Doctor Strange at The Super Bowl

Will Doctor Strange appear at the 2022 Super Bowl? Pay attention, because Disney may release another trailer for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in this year’s game. Score!

BAFTA Nominations

Films featuring our work made this year’s BAFTA shortlist, with No Time To Die and The Matrix Resurrections nabbing noms in the ‘special visual effects’ category (sadly no Framestore names on the ticket this year – we wuz robbed!). Don’t Look Up and No Time To Die were recognised across a wide range of categories. Congratulations to everyone who worked on these films, and helped bring such vivid, thrill-packed stories to life.

IA News

Dexter: New Blood

Everyone’s favourite serial killer is back on Showtime in  Dexter: New Blood and our New York-based VFX team worked on several key sequences, including the recreation of the white stag – a key symbol that carries through the show’s storyline. From placing a real deer captured in-camera onto plates, to incorporating the CG version of the butchered deer into the scene, they also worked on with delicate snow simulations and a number of blood effects that interacted with fur and snow.

Expedia ‘Ride of Your Life’

Part dream sequence, part fantastic voyage, Expedia’s Ride of Your Life anthem spot sees one exotic scenario unfold into another, creating a seamless universe of post-pandemic possibilities. Working alongside director Henry Scholfield and Team One, Framestore’s Los Angeles team was responsible for a variety of VFX elements, from the composting, extensive digital matte painting to fully create exotic and impossible locations, 3D work including set extensions and underwater scenes, and FX for giant exploding flower balls, parachutes, clouds, water and other ephemera. Gorgeous colour by Company 3.


Art of VFX

Some of the VFX masterminds behind The Matrix Resurrections spoke to the Art of VFX about their work on the film, from a CG cat to a showdown at the Simulatte cafe.

In Colour

A colourful announcement

Framestore’s colourists – Steffan Perry, Simon Bourne, Beau Leon, Clark Griffiths, Dominic Phipps – and Senior Producer Chris Anthony are joining the Company 3 roster. In London, Perry, Bourne, Phipps and Anthony will join the existing Company 3 colourists including Chris Rogers, Emily Russul-Saib, Greg Fisher, Gareth Spensley, Jean-Clément Soret and Paul Staples, at Company 3’s newly-completed Chancery Lane studio. Leon and Clark will join the Company 3 roster of US based artists.


We introduced you to many more production wizards in Montreal this week, as you met Aegean Cordell, Jennifer Ramos, Gabrielle Davoine, Ethan Maharaj and Marine Chéné. This bunch of lovely people had a lot to tell – from someone whose plane got struck by lightning, to chatting with a soon-to-be Dad (congratulations!)

Other News

Apprenticeship Recognition

Huge congrats to our very own Amy Smith, who’s only gone and been selected as a national finalist in the AAC Apprenticeship Awards. Amy was nominated for Outstanding contribution to the development of apprenticeships for her amazing work nurturing young talent. 

That’s it for this week!