The week we can start saying IT’S CHRISTMAS (26.11.21)

Meet A Boy Called Christmas

A Boy Called Christmas takes a sleigh ride onto Sky cinema (UK) and Netflix (North America) from today! This heart-warming VFX spectacular has a star-studded cast and is based on the much-loved book by Matt Haig. Our own Glen Pratt & Jo Nodwell were client-side as Supe and VFX Producer, Stuart Penn and Dale Newton were VFX and Animation Supervisors, respectively.

Raise your (red, bobbled) hats to the wonderful LDN elves who delivered this holiday show-stopper from home during lockdown no. 1!

The Matrix: Resurrections

We were treated to some shiny new Matrix character posters this week. Neo and Trinity of course take centre stage, but we also got a peek at some of the newer faces to the franchise. The Matrix: Resurrections, which features work from VFX Supe Graham Page and the LDN team, arrives in cinemas and on HBO Max from 22nd December, just in time for Christmas.

Don’t Look Up

Early reviews arrive for Don’t Look Up, which features work from VFX Supe Carlos Monzon and his team of MTL wunderkinds. The dark comedy is described as ‘brilliant’ and ‘outrageously funny,’ DiCaprio as ‘incredibly great’. Jennifer Lawrence sat down with Vanity Fair to dissect the trailer and what it all means, as the cinematic release date of 10th December inches closer.

Method News

Hot Jobs!

The Melbourne team are on the hunt for a Head of Environments – take a look at the job description and don’t forget, there’s a referral bonus up for grabs if you find the successful candidate!

Taking Care of Business

The Blast sum up everything we need to know about Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming Elvis biopic.


Kinsale Shark Awards

Ian Spendloff, Johannes Sambs and Lucy Hare (LDN) collected the Kinsale Shark Awards for Sheba (Best CGI /Visual Effects – Silver) and Jingle Jangle ‘A Christmas Journey’ (Best Title Sequence – Bronze).


Little Black Book

VFX Supervisor Jules Janaud (LDN) sat down with Little Black Book to talk all things VFX including technological advancements in the field, trends in the role and how Jules learnt his craft. 

Imaginary Iggy

Iggy the Imaginary Friend has won the hearts of viewers in the Christmas advert for McDonald’s. But fans of the fast-food giant have been left wondering: Is Iggy the Imaginary Friend an actual toy? Read the full piece here.


Meet Chingtien Chu, Lighting Artist (CHI), who grew up on a remote island off Taiwan, has an obsession with Studio Ghibli films, and proudly finished watching eight seasons of Game of Thrones in one month. Chingtien, you’ve been [FRAMED]!

In Other News

A Life In Tech

The second of our tech films went live on socials this week, showing off some of the brilliant people, skills and opportunities that come from working in the space where technology and creativity collide.

Women in Animation and VFX

Next week, Binal Shah (LDN) joins a live panel of industry peers to discuss her experience as a woman working in the VFX industry. Book tickets here.

MTL Tour

Curious to find out what our MTL studio looks like – and get a sneak peek of the brand new 2nd floor?  Have a look at this 5 star guided tour.  Huge thanks to Luc Girard (Head of Groom), Laureline Silan (VFX Supervisor), Phieffer Golding (Department Manager) and Antonella Di Napoli (Officer Manager) for taking part in the video, and to Bonnie Dorais and Maxime Sirven for pulling the whole thing together.

The Wonder of Nature

The Natural History Museum in London unites the wizarding and natural worlds with this lovely new exhibit ‘The Wonder of Nature’, which celebrates the fantastic creatures inhabiting both realms.


Max McNair MacEwan, Heather Kinal, Gavin Fox, Jason Fox and Eugenie von Tunzelmann had a blast visiting the VelociCoaster in Orlando, which they pulled in during a trip to IAAPA!

That’s it for this week – and Happy Hanukkah for next week to all who celebrate!