The week we get a Moon with a view (29.10.21)

Hello Mumbai

Our fab new Mumbai studio is now officially open to the world, with around 150 Framestorians now in situ. The building looks ace and the people on site looks acer, and for those wanting a bit more info and to hear about Framestore’s plans for the future you can whiz over to Deadline (or Broadcast. Or Televisual. Or British Cinematographer…) to get the full lowdown. Read more.

Party Like it’s 1899

American Cinematographer grabs a sneaky first peek at 1899, with some exclusive stills and video clips. While Framestore’s team of absolute LEGENDS isn’t mentioned (sniff) there’s a chance that you might see a Framestorian scuttling about on one of the time-lapse vids if you squint real hard and put your imagination into overdrive.

Keeping the Multiverse Neat and Spidey

Empire magazine took a deep dive into Spider-Man: No Way Home this week, pulling together some story threads to show the tangled web that connects Spider-Man, Doc-Ock, and Doctor Strange.

See You Moon

Vanity Fair gave us a first glimpse of some of the amazing work from VFX Supervisor Bob Winter (MTL) and team on Roland Emmerich’s Moonfall, which is due to impact cinemas screens everywhere in early 2022.

A Wheely Good Time

Amazon dropped the first Wheel Of Time trailer this week, and the show is already being touted as the next Game Of Thrones. Framestore’s IA team (LDN) leant their signature magic to the show, and we can’t wait to see Rosamund Pike et al in action… 

Talking with Dinosaurs

Having worked together 20 years prior on the BBC Emmy Award-winning docuseries, ‘Walking with Dinosaurs,’ Murray Butler (LDN) and Marco Marenghi (LA) led teams to bring a CG Utahraptor to life for the UNDP’s incredible ‘Don’t Choose Extinction’ campaign.

Golden State Warriors

The design team (LA) gave Golden State Warriors fans goosebumps with editorially-driven archival and current footage, calling on slam dunk creative solutions from conception to design, 3D scene creation, compositing, scene extension and unique treatment exploration, plus a vintage glow by Beau Leon.

Method News

Rock and Roles

Method job vacancies are officially live on the Framestore careers page. Don’t forget, you can refer candidates for open positions and pocket a cash bonus if they’re hired. Read more about the referral process here.

Lyle Lyle Crocodile

Deadline announced another addition to the Lyle Lyle Crocodile cast, Fleabag‘s Brett Gelman, fresh from his role in Paramount’s spy thriller Without Remorse. Gelman joins hollywood heavyweights Javier Bardem and Constance Wu.


The Art of VFX

VFX Supervisor Jonathan Fawkner (LDN) dishes on all things Bond. Read the full piece here.

Virtual Production

Producer Manon Hartzuiker and Volume Supervisor Jack Banks (LDN) contributed to an article in Epic’s blog about how best to teach Virtual Production in schools. Read the blog here.


This week, we meet Jamie Runkle, Associate Producer (LA) who can easily down a pint of ice cream in one sitting, lives for the beach, and was accidentally maced with bear spray while hiking (true story). Jamie, you’ve been [FRAMED]!

In Other News

Spark Animation

Aulo Licinio and Frederikke Glick (MTL) talk Tom & Jerry at the Spark Animation conference this week. Their session starts at 8pm ET, so you can still grab tickets if you’re quick! Plus, check out this video to see how the characters came to life.

Patch Me Up

The MTL team made these fantastic patches for folks to purchase as mementos for their work across various projects. Looking great, guys!


The Mumbai team kicked off Diwali celebrations this week, putting up some festive decorations, donning their formal wear, and organising a tombola.

Don’t Over-Ink It

The MTL team let loose on their imagination & freed their creativity with Inktober! Take a look at all the fantastic entries here.

Don’t forget, our Mumbai office is closed next Thursday and Friday (4th and 5th November).

Have a fun and festive Diwali!