The week we’re left on Red (Notice) (22.10.21)

Sit up and take (Red) Notice

The final trailer for Netflix action comedy Red Notice dropped this week, showcasing some of the outstanding work from our MTL team. From jaw-dropping stunts to side-splitting gags, this one promises to be a ride from start to finish.

Bebop Drop

When it rains, it pours. Netflix blessed us with a Cowboy Bebop teaser, bringing together our teams from NY and LDN, as well as finishing and colour from our friends at Company 3.

Down The Digital Rabbit Hole

To launch the new Microsoft Windows 11 OS, Framestore and McCann New York follow one woman’s dream sequence reminiscent of an Alice in digital Wonderland. Framestore Creative Director Ben West oversaw a team who brought the surreal visual journey to life through iconic Windows elements and user interfaces, showing how Microsoft “Brings You Closer to What You Love.” Watch the advert here.

Our Love for the GEICO Gecko is Eternal

Framestore Pictures Director Chris Waitt and Framestore Creative Director Andy Rowan-Robinson flex their creative humor for GEICO to mark the launch of Marvel’s Eternals. The NY team worked their magic on the Gecko animation, light rendering, compositing, digital matte painting, set extensions, and even recreating the historical Ishtar Gate. Final colour grade by Steffan Perry (LDN).

Method News

Shazam! 2 Years Later

ScreenRant have revealed that Shazam! 2 will take place two years after the first film. Last Saturday, fans got their hands on some details from the upcoming sequel from Shazam! 2 when a sneak peek of the BTS trailer was unveiled at DC FanDome.

The teaser made its way onto social media this week, revealing what we can expect from the film when it makes its way to the big screen in 2023.


Broadcast Tech Awards

The wonderful team at Megaport has nominated Framestore at the Broadcast Tech Awards for ‘Best Use of Innovative Creation’ – and we’ve been shortlisted! Check out the full shortlist here.


Before & Afters

Before & Afters gave Dale Newton (LDN) a lovely shout out this week as part of their coverage on the making of Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Working with VFX Supe Stu Penn (LDN), Dale and the team produced a unique animated sequence introducing the film’s villain, Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson). Read the full piece here.


The Beautiful Game

Steffan Perry (LDN) leant his colour talents to Fair Game, a photography book catalouging the supporters of Eastbourne Football Club. 20% of profits from the book goes to a local charity that helps people with learning disabilities. Find out more here.

In Other News

Zoom Room with a VIEW

Global Head of Talent Amy Smith (LDN) chatted to Animation Supervisors Arslan Elver (LDN), Kayn Garcia (LDN) and Aulo Licinio (MTL) for a VIEW Conference panel this week, during which they lifted the lid on Tom & Jerry

Back To School

Dominic Phipps (LDN) visited his alma mater, Ravensbourne University, to share his experiences with colour grading. Dominic spoke with first year Editing and Post Production students, giving them an introduction to grading, and detailing his journey from Ravensbourne graduate to Junior Colourist.

That’s it for this week.

Stay spooky!