The week we see some Venom-enal action (6.8.21)

The Suicide Squad

The squad is out today in theatres and on HBO Max for the U.S., and looks set for a huge opening weekend with the likes of Screen Rant and Variety predicting it’ll top the box office charts.

There’s a lot of love out there for King Shark, Weasel and sidekick Rat Sebastian, the insanely good CG characters built by our talented MTL and LDN artists. The teams delivered pixel-perfect VFX, including key characters, gross-out superpowers and beautifully gory action sequences. Huge congrats to the brilliant VFX Supes Jonathan Fawkner (LDN) & Adrien Saint Girons (MTL) and everyone involved.

Here’s a reminder of the outrageous action to come:

Let There Be Carnage

Speaking of outrageous action, this week also saw the second Venom: Let There Be Carnage trailer. If you watch closely you’ll catch Tom Hardy (aka. Eddie) looking at some superbly creepy illustrations, courtesy of our supremely talented Animation Supervisor, Dale Newton (LDN).


Peter Pan & Wendy

Our wonderful MTL team, led by hyper-talented VFX Supervisor Nicolas Chevallier (MTL), have been hard at work on Disney’s Peter Pan and Wendy for some time now. While details are as under wraps as you’d expect, this recent Hollywood Reporter interview with director David Lowery shines a light on his thinking behind the film – and how it intersects with his recent arthouse fable, The Green Knight.

“It is certainly a bizarre twist of fate that the two studios that have emboldened me to make the most personal films in my career are A24 and Disney,” says Lowery. In so many ways Peter Pan & Wendy will make a remarkable companion piece to The Green Knight. And it’s no less personal, no less strange, no less a film that bears my imprint than The Green Knight, even though it is representative of everything that a Disney film needs to be at the same time.”

The Tomorrow War

VFX Supe Stéphane Nazé and Anim Supe Kyle Dunlevy (MTL) spoke to Art of VFX about their work on The Tomorrow War, from how they created a post apocalyptic Miami Beach to complex creature animation. Have a read here.


We’ve got a double bill of colour this week. Beau Leon (LA) adds a moody atmosphere with a black and white grade for this Angelo Baque x ASICS collaboration.

Simon Bourne (LDN) grades this spot for Facebook, directed by Daniel Wolfe who’s previously worked with Simon on spots like Libresse Blood Normal and Volkswagon ‘Hello Light’.


This week Flamestorm took on this Quarto (76’ers) and pulled out another victory making them the undefeated team of the season. The final score was 34 – 16. ‘Special mention to MVPs this week: Annie Mitchell for her huge batting and Nikola Yordanov for doing it all!’

In Other News

It’s the final few days of the Tokyo Olympics, catch up with what has happened so far or see the schedule to see the remaining events.

And it happens to the best of us, even Elon Musk..

Cue the twitter responses:

That’s it for this week – catch you next time!