The week the Squad gets a nod (23.07.21)

The Suicide Squad

Our LDN and MTL VFX squads knocked it out the park with this The Suicide Squad, and with the first screenings of King Shark, Weasel et al taking place the early reviews are rolling in. As Cinema Blend says, they’re nothing but radiant:

Critic, Sean O’Connell proffers another glowing review and it seems we even helped him find a love for all things ratty…


Cinema Blend
Director, James Gunn speaks on the VFX process: ‘King Shark was a much, much harder character to develop than Groot or Rocket… Developing him from the very beginning as this sort of lovable, but incredibly dangerous, galoot was very, very difficult.’

Jai Courtney, who plays Captain Boomerang, says the movie is ‘very violent’ but has ‘immense core and strength’

Q&A with James Gunn post-Suicide Squad special screening


Framestore Pictures Director, Anh Vu, Major Behaviour and the CHI team brought this new dynamic Macy’s spot to life. The VFX team were responsible for – among other things – the scene transitions and dust particles and Simon Bourne (LDN) enhanced the spot with a lively colour grade.




The US team worked their magic on picture enhancement, while Beau Leon provided the grade for this new Etsy spot released just in time for the Olympic Games kick-off.


Warning: may induce Maccies cravings. Check out this new spot ‘Laughter’ for McDonald’s that our LDN IA team worked on – you can’t help but smile.

Press & Features


Compositor Paul Krist (LA) chatted to LBB on the importance of attention to detail, client satisfaction and the power of ‘Unreal Engine’ in this VFX feature. Read the article here.

Lovecraft Country

The hugely popular YouTube channel, Corridor Crew sat down to applaud the terrifying, Emmy-nominated Shoggoths Framestore created for HBO’s Lovecraft Country. The video itself has clocked up more that 1.2 million views since going live 1 week ago!


Beau Leon (LA) adds the finishing touches to Rita ora’s new single ‘You for Me’.

You’ve been [Framed]

This week we have a chat with Compositor, Minsang Lee (LA) who is living his childhood dream of becoming a compositor, prefers the metric system, and has a deep love of condensed milk. Read more here.

ReIgnite Yourself

The series, available in webinar and podcast format, and produced jointly by the QFTC and the VES Society, includes a total of 5 episodes that will be launched once a week. All episodes focus on mental health and aim to support talent within the global visual effects industry. Head here to find the episodes here.

In Other News

Director of Moonfall, Rolland Emmerich celebrates National Moon Day and reminds us of when the sci-fi hits our screens.

The Tokyo Olympics began today, those interested may have caught the Opening Ceremony earlier but take a look at some of the uniforms from around the world that have got social media talking

That’s it for this time – catch you on the flip side ✌️