The week it’s all about tomorrow (09.07.21)

The Tomorrow War

Amazon Prime’s The Tomorrow War is officially the most streamed film in the world, with the first 48 hours of viewing breaking all records. Shout out to our fantastic VFX Supervisor Stéphane Nazé and his team, who helped destroy the world and fill it with horrible, horrible aliens.


In case you missed it last week, we shared our Army of the Dead breakdown reel with the world and they’ve been loving it. Head over to our instagram to see fresh content with added comments from VFX Supe Bob Winter (MTL), Environments HOD, Carlos Munoz (MTL) and the team!

One of the main challenges the team faced was building a post-apocalyptic environment of Las Vegas. VFX Supe, Bob Winter and his crew shot reference material of the entire strip over a quick two-week trip. Working from vis dev’s concept art work of a destroyed Las Vegas, the team recreated the city and its iconic landmarks. Director Zack Snyder’s distinctive aesthetic style was also on full display; from muted colour palettes to velvety textures – all shot through dream lenses.


Global Managing Director, Film, Fiona Walkinshaw spoke to The Hollywood Reporter recently to discuss our integration with Method Studios’ film and episodic VFX teams, as well as what the future looks like for the company. Read the article here

Inside Outer Space

VFX Supe, Chris Lawrence (LDN) chatted to Insider on all things outer space – from zero-G in Gravity to spaceships in The Midnight Sky


While we’re still unable to say ANYTHING about the show itself, we were allowed to chat a little bit about overall supe Christian Kaestner (MTL) and his team being on-site at Europe’s largest LED facility. For the lowdown you can choose between Computer Graphics WorldBritish CinematographerVFXwire and Little Black Book.

Adobe Substance

Marnie Pitts and Florence Green from our LDN IA team spoke to Adobe Substance magazine on how we use software at Framestore, spotlighting a few of our recent commercials for LEGO and Sky. Read more here.

Employee Resources Groups

The Social Equity Board has received several requests recently from colleagues interested in setting up Employee Resources Groups (ERGs) within the company. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-initiated groups that share common interests, issues, backgrounds, characteristics or pursuits. Examples of this are:

  • A women’s network
  • A network for people of colour
  • An LGBTQ+ network
  • A working parent support group
  • A veteran’s support group
  • A network for people with disabilities
  • A mental health advocacy group
  • A young professional’s network

The Social Equity Board would like to understand what interest there is within the business to launch more established ERGs within Framestore. If you would potentially be interested in either setting up/leading an ERG or joining one in the future then use this form to express your interest so that we can start to connect the right people together across the company.

If you want to continue learning and diversifying your knowledge of minority and underrepresented groups, don’t forget to check out the content on our diversity website.

You’ve been [Framed]

Meet Anthony Greco, Tracking Lead (MTL) who is currently working his magic on Ms. Marvel and cooks up a mean chicken curry. Read more about Anthony here.


This week we announced the new kids on the block. Take a look at the talented teams from MTL and LDN for this year’s Launchpad competition. We can’t wait to be able to share their progress with you!



Softball & Soccer

Flamestorm took on RAPP (Base Invaders) this week for their easiest win yet (we’re not being mean, the team forfeited due to lack of players). The teams went on to play a friendly with the final score 10-0. Take a look at our 5-time winners of the season:

Heading over to MTL, our soccer team have been having similar success, currently ranked as 2nd in the league! Here they are in their latest game against Mikros:

In Other News

IT (might be) COMIN’ HOME

The men’s England football team have FINALLY made it through to a final – for the first time since 1966 – after beating Denmark 2-1 at the Euros semi-final this week. England will take on Italy in the final this Sunday evening.

Iiiiiiiiiit’s cooomin’ home, it’s com….

Good luck to Jack Grealish and the England squad, VFX producer and footballer extraordinaire 😉

That’s it for this week – see you on the flip side!