The week we prepare for an alien invasion (18.06.21)

The Tomorrow War

If you watched Army of the Dead and you’re hungry for more apocalyptic carnage courtesy of our MTL prodigies then look no further than the latest (and final) trailer for The Tomorrow War. Don’t worry – you don’t have long to wait with the film set for release via Amazon Prime on 2nd July.


We’re pleased to be spreading the good word as to what’s happening with Framestore’s episodic work, led by James Whitlam (LDN). Read this exclusive Deadline piece to get the full lowdown.

Army of the Dead

VFX Supe Bob Winter (MTL) was courting the media again this week – he spoke to Digital Trends about Elvis, Tiger King, and Sin City. Read the article here.

Elsewhere, Bob sat down with before&afters to chat about the the mocap, CG build and crowd sims used in creating some of the key shots on AOTD. Read the article here.

The Dead keep shambling

The MTL team’s Army Of The Dead work dropped jaws for the Corridor Crew team recently, with one member even caught out as to which member of the cast we’d comped in. In their words the team’s commitment to excellence takes the film’s VFX “out of the realm of science and into artistry.” Check it out from 11:50.

While you’re at it, have a look at AOTD’s new case study on our website

In conversation with… Michael Ralla

VFX Supe, Michael Ralla (LA) sat down with Disguise to chat about where the film industry is headed in future and new opportunities for collaboration across production departments. Have a read here.

What we’ve been up to


Anim Supes Arslan Elver, Kayn Garcia (LDN) and Aulo Licinio (MTL) spoke with our Head of Talent Amy Smith at this year’s Annecy festival, discussing all things anim and the challenges of bringing notorious frenemies Tom and Jerry from 2D to 3D.


Global Real-Time Director, Karl Woolley (LDN) was at CogX Festival this week alongside Head of Immersive Technology at Digital Catapult, Jessica Driscoll, talking about how emerging tech is changing the face of storytelling and immersive content.

CAVE Academy

Head of 2D, Matt Twyford (LDN) and Lead Look Dev and Lighting, Alastair Cross (LDN) joined this week’s CAVE Academy Dailies session to answer burning questions and dish out their advice on work submitted by emerging artists.


As part of the Speakers for Schools programme, Global Head of Software VFX Manne Ohrstrom (LDN) visited Greenacre Academy and Walderslade Girls School this week to plant the seed of a potential VFX career in their young talented minds.

Did someone say party 👀

The LA office got together for some drinks in the sun and of course to finally see each other’s face IRL.

You’ve been [Framed]

We’re getting to know Lee-Anne Cormier this week, who’s a key part of our recruitment team in MTL. If she ruled the world it would be 3 day weekends for everyone. How do we vote?! (asking for a mate). Read more here.

Employee Resources Groups

The Social Equity Board has received several requests recently from colleagues interested in setting up Employee Resources Groups (ERGs) within the company. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary, employee-initiated groups that share common interests, issues, backgrounds, characteristics or pursuits. Examples of this are:

  • A women’s network
  • A network for people of colour
  • An LGBTQ+ network
  • A working parent support group
  • A veteran’s support group
  • A network for people with disabilities
  • A mental health advocacy group
  • A young professional’s network

The Social Equity Board would like to understand what interest there is within the business to launch more established ERGs within Framestore. If you would potentially be interested in either setting up/leading an ERG or joining one in the future then use this form to express your interest so that we can start to connect the right people together across the company.

If you want to continue learning and diversifying your knowledge of minority and underrepresented groups, don’t forget to check out the content on our diversity website.


Juneteenth, or 19th June, is officially a new federally-recognised US holiday. President Biden made the announcement yesterday, with the day formally commemorating the end of legal enslavement in the nation. US staff have been encouraged to take today as a day of reflection in honour of this.


Ending this week with some good news from our softball team who have secured another win this week: Flamestorm 26 – 10 Ball Busters (Genius Sports). The Ball Busters have been well an truly busted.

Special mention for our MVP’s for the day Adam Smith with incredible hits that sent the ball the distance of nearly 2 pitches and Laura Frasnelli with accurate batting and great base running!

Catch you next time!