The week we went to super school (11.06.21)

The One Show Awards

Libresse #WombStories cleaned up at this year’s The One Show Awards, including securing ‘Best in Show’ and ‘Best in Discipline’ awards.

Army of the Dead BTS

What happens in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas, as this behind the scenes clip of Army of the Dead shows – hats off to VFX Supervisor Bob Winter and his team.

Director Zach Snyder sung the MTL team’s praises, saying “I couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Framestore. They did an amazing job bringing our post-apocalyptic world of Army of the Dead to life.”

The stunning work hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans either – we put on our rubber gloves to delve into the comments section and found such loveliness as this:

Disney Avengers Campus

A bunch of Framestore super-beings assembled to create this trailer for the new Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure Park. The lucky VFX team wangled an on-site visit to kick things off, getting a sneak peek at what’s certain to be Disney California’s biggest draw. After all, who doesn’t want to be a superhero?


Our US team joined forces with Director Dave Myers and Saatchi & Saatchi LA to bring the beautiful ‘Never Stop’ film to life for Toyota. An inspiring story about conquering the impossible and achieving your goals, starring Mexican gymnast Alexa Moreno. Watch the video here.


Montreal, smashing it.

Chloe Grysole, MD of our Montreal studio found herself in the spotlight recently, giving a behind the scenes look at how Quebec’s VFX sector is stealing the spotlight with its stunning work and award-winning creations. Watch out for the article, coming out in the new few weeks.

Army Of The Dead

Unlike the zombie hoard shambling through the streets of Vegas, the MTL team’s work on Army Of The Dead has plenty of life left in it – so much so that it’s continues to crush it on the press coverage front.

Global News

VFX Supervisor Bob Winter in yo screens – he made an appearance on TV Network Global News about the Montreal connection behind the surreal, bloody and explosive VFX in Army of the Dead. see the article here.

Befores & Afters

Busy lad, that Bob Winter – here he is again, breaking down the mocap and crowd sims behind the hordes of zombies in ‘Army of the Dead’. See the article here.


Fictionphile sat down with VFX supes Bob Winter and João Sita to chat about three key challenges from #ArmyoftheDead: an undead tiger, a zombie-infested Las Vegas and a post-shoot actor integration. Read the article here.

Digital Trends

Joao Sita talked all things Tig Notaro with Digital Trends, exploring how exactly you re-cast a part more than a year after filming has wrapped. Read the article here.

Bloody Disgusting.

As you might expect, horror site Bloody Disgusting wasn’t shy about digging into the grossness with their Q&A with Bob & João. Read the article here.

Animation World Network.

And if Bob and João hadn’t gotten enough screen-time this week, they also chatted with the Animation World Network on all things Valentine, exploring how the team brought the  ‘Zombie Cat’s Meow’ in ‘Army of the Dead. Purrr-use the article here.

Netflix, but no chill

No big deal, just Netflix name-dropping Framestore – read the article here.

Plus, if you’re not all zombie’d out, here’s some behind the scenes Army of the Dead clips! Watch behind the VFX of Army of the Dead here. Or maybe you want to see how Tig Norato was seamlessly comped into the film, here.

Think you can survive a zombie apocalypse?

Take this gore-some BuzzFeed quiz to find out!

Little Black Book

LBB’s Alex Reeves spoke to Framestore’s Karl Woolley and Johannes Saam about the digital recreation of Kiyan Price, and how this emotional project pushes the boundaries of creative technology. Read the article here.

Epic Innovation Lab

William Sargent, Andrew Schlussel, and Luke Anderton visited Epic Innovation Lab in London on Thursday. There they learned about the LED wall virtual production process. The session was recorded and will be shared with all of you soon. Have a watch here.

You’ve been [Framed]

This week we meet Compositor, Paul Krist (LA) who has a Masters in Architecture and worked on set for GM’s humorous spot for Super Bowl ‘No Way, Norway’, starring Will Ferrell. Read more about Paul here.

Film and TV Charity – Mental Health Survey

LDN, this one’s for you… please take a few mins to fill out this important survey! As we all know last year has been tougher than any, and Film and TV Charity urgently need feedback on how people are feeling in our industry. It’s completely confidential will help the charity continue to build support that is inclusive and works for all.

Find our more info and complete the survey HERE. Don’t forget to spread the word!



Flamestorm are off to a roaring start, conquering MPC last week with the final score sitting pretty at 28 -14. Shout out to Adam, Stuart, Nicolas and Nik for their home runs.

Special mention goes to our MVP’s for the game, Nikola Yordanov for some great pitching and batting throughout the game and Maggie Starzer for a great first game with Flamestorm and some strong batting and fielding!

In Other News

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn showed us some love on social media this week, sharing this lovely Last Supper of Groot moment.

We ARE Groot <3

Until next week!