The week we embrace the splatter factor (14.05.21)

Framestore’s got a dark side, so sit back, relax, blindfold your kids and enjoy the first-class blood-and-gore VFX coming soon to a screen near you.

Army of the Dead

First up, Army of the Dead. With just one week until our zombie tiger, Valentine is let loose in Vegas along with a whole swarm of undead ghouls, Netflix treated fans to the first 15 minutes of the movie in a live interactive event yesterday. If you missed it have no fear, you can catch it – and our MTL team’s stunning VFX work – in 7 days on Netflix.

Director, Zack Snyder talks us through the most recent Army Of The Dead trailer and mentions the MTL team’s trip to Florida to gather footage from a tiger owned by Tiger King stars Carole Baskin.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Next with its own fair share of violent grossness, it’s the unlikely bromance: Eddie and his violent alter-ego Venom (both played by Tom Hardy), who return for battle against villain Carnage, played by Woody Harrelson. The film features work from our LDN team, including an extraordinary stylised sequence from Animation Supe Dale Newton.

The movie is set for release this September.


The Suicide Squad

We all knew it, and now it’s official: there’ll be plenty of “violence, gore and graphic nudity” in R-rated The Suicide Squad, What’s not to love? The spine-ripping splatterfest comes to your screens on 30th July.


Speaking of all things DARK, Deadline interview producers on the historical-mystery series 1899 and its use of vast LED screens and Unreal Engine here. We have a 19-strong team on-site in Germany, and this week saw them start shooting – exciting times indeed!


On a lighter note, AWN cover Framestore’s work on the new sci-fi series from Sky Original, Intergalactic. Our Creative Director Sharon Lock delivered the shows impressive title and opening sequence using a multitude of techniques to reflect the shows futuristic and retro feel.

The Future of Filmmaking

This week FTV revisited the RealTime Conference talk which sees Theo Jones, Tim Webber, Grant Bolton, and Nestor Prado delve into how the games and VFX sectors are converging to create the future of filmmaking. This was followed with a bonus Q&A session – have a watch here!

Women’s Leadership

As part of Framestore’s ongoing supporting for women in VFX, we attended BCTQ – QFTC training and leadership programme to give advice on managing a team.

You’ve been [Framed]

This week we chat to Lead Lighting TD, Thibault Deloof (MTL) who knows a thing or two about good coffee and has been lending his talents to the hotly-anticipated upcoming zombiefest, Army of the Dead. Read more here.

Volunteer for the Schools Outreach Programme

Our Senior Talent and Resource Manager, Liz Oliver (LDN) is looking for volunteers to help inspire young people into a career in VFX:

We need you (!) to volunteer to help the kids. Our schools outreach programme is aiming to get kids thinking about a career in VFX, from an early age.

What we want to do is not just inspire them to think about how cool it might be to work in this industry, but how achievable that really can be, for anyone, across any sort of skill set!

So we need representatives from every department (not just artists) and at every level across the company to help out, please 🙂 No fancy equipment required, and only about 10 minutes of your time. Thanks in advance to all of our volunteers!!!

If you’d like to be involved please message or email Liz Oliver if you’d like to get involved.

Launchpad Pro: Environments

This year we’re launching our first ever virtual Launchpad PRO: Environments program. MTL-based CG artists will have the opportunity to join a paid traineeship and work on our current slate of projects. Sound good? If you know someone with under 5 years’ experience who’d be great for this send them this way for more info.

In Other News

17 years on, F.R.I.E.N.D.S is BACK BABY and with plenty of guest star appearances. Airing on HBO Max, May 27th.

That’s it for this week – catch you next time!