The week we’re simply the VESt (05.03.21)

Tom & Jerry

Seems like our cat-and-mouse shenanigans hit the box office hard, with Tom & Jerry banking an impressive $14.1 million in it’s opening weekend. That gives the duo the second-best opening weekend of the pandemic behind the release of Wonder Woman 1984 (which, of course, also features our VFX work…).

VES noms

This week Framestore scooped up a stunning 12 VES nominations, with The Midnight Sky, Project Power, Jingle Jangle, Timmy Failure, The Crown and Lovecraft Country all getting props. A HUGE congrats to all the VFX geniuses who worked on these projects.

While we’re talking VES, Disney shared the good news on Timmy Failure which has now clocked up over 19k likes.

Annie Award Nominations

More nominations news, as this week also saw Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made selected for Best Character Animation and Libresse Wombstories recognised for Best Special Production.

Kinda a B.I.G Deal

‘Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell’ was released this week on Netflix is a new documentary delving into Biggie Smalls and the world he inhabited, featuring rare footage and in-depth interviews. To top it off, the film was coloured by Beau Leon (LA).


The BBC has started airing the first series of the Terror, a project delivered by IA way back in 2018. The show’s available to watch now on BBC iPlayer. 


The VFX industry, post-pandemic

This week Lottie Cooper, Managing Director, IA (LDN) spoke to Creative Review for an article on how the VFX industry is going to thrive post-covid. Read the full article here.

Fake news

BFI’s Sight and Sound magazine published an article on ‘The Rise of the Deepfake’ which includes the Channel4 Alternative Christmas message produced by our team and the making of film about the work that went into it. Read the piece here.

What we’ve been up to

Jeremie Lodomez, Jules Thebault-Dagher and Alicia Pinet Boesten (MTL) took some time out to speak to budding young compositing students at Lost Boys Studios, reviewing each of their demo reels and advising on careers in the industry.

Coming up… International Women’s Day

Join Fiona Walkinshaw, Global MD, Film for a live panel alongside three high-profile film clients to discuss their careers, the challenges they’ve faced & potential solutions to the industry’s lack of gender parity.

Monday 8th March
09:00 (PST), 11:00 (CST), 12:00 (EST), 17:00 (GMT), 22:30 (IST
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You’ve Been [Framed]

This week we meet Duy Tran, Lead Modeller (MTL) who recently worked his magic on Tom & Jerry. Read more here.


Simon Bourne adds a touch of colour to the new Marshall spot ‘Never Stop Listening’.

In Other News

This Flat Tom rug is flat out g e n i u s, and it’s been getting lots of deserved attention on twitter.