The week we’re nuts about a new squirrel (19.02.21)

Flora & Ulysses

The mega-charming photoreal squirrel MTL came up with has made his Disney+ debut, and it’s fair to say early press coverage is a little obsessed with this small but mighty legend.


‘luxurious auburn fur, adorable tufted ears and capacity to make incredibly nuanced facial expressions’

‘Believably rendered in solid CGI’ and ‘Prepare to Be Won Over by a Superhero Squirrel on Disney+’

Boston Hearld
‘in this movie the squirrel is just everything’

I was blown away because I knew it’d be good, but it’s fantastic.’

Morgan Stanley X NASA

Yesterday (18th) the Perseverance Rover touched down on the surface of Mars. As part of our ongoing relationship with Morgan Stanley’s digital signage in New York’s Times Square, the team quickly turned around a new data template allowing them to live stream the landing on their LED screens in the first of a series of NASA content which will light up NY in the coming year. 

Jaguar F-PACE

Our LDN commercials team worked on three supreme new spots for Jaguar and Spark 44, completed with a luxurious grade by Simon Bourne.

His House – BIFA Nominations

His House, a thought-provoking Netflix horror, is winning big time at this year’s BIFA film awards. Congratulations to all involved in this film, we’re thrilled to see it get the recognition that it deserves.

The Midnight Sky

Using LED Content supplied by ILM’s stagecraft, with virtual production and tech vis by The Third Floor, VFX Supes Matt Kasmir and Chris Lawrence worked with the filmmakers to achieve the beautiful sequences based in the arctic.

What we’ve been up to

Creative Director and CG Supe, Chris Eckardt (LA) took part in a webinar with NVIDIA this week, discussing how teams pivoted and collaborated remotely on last year’s ‘Power Your Breakthrough’ campaign for Z by HP.

Taking care of business

With awards season just round the corner we’re showing off all of our incredible work and colleagues from nominated, shortlisted and longlisted projects. Keep a close eye on our instagram over the next couple of weeks for more.

Black History Month

It’s Black History Month in Canada and the U.S this month. As part of this we’d like to share further reading, watching, listening and events in the round up each week to raise awareness of Black History – all recommendations are welcome!

Internal Events

Social Equity Town Hall
Monday 22nd February
08:30 (LA), 10:30 (CHI) , 11:30 (NY, MTL), 16:30 (LDN), 22:00 (MUM)

Black History Month Presentation with Joi’ Weathers-Preserving Phillis
Thursday 25th February
12:00 (LA), 14:00 (CHI), 15:00 (NY, MTL), 20:00 (LDN), 01:30 (MUM)

As part of black history month Joi’ Weathers presents on one of the last standing locations of the National Association of Colored Women’s Club (NACWC), Chicago’s Phillis Wheatley House. Learn more of this landmark Chicago building that offered refuge, support, and education for Black women through the Great Migration and beyond.

XVFX Forum

XVFX is an Access:VFX platform for ethnically diverse creatives in VFX, animation and games. A recent forum meeting took place with Framestore colleagues and led by Veronique Hebert and Emma LeRoy who wanted to pass on their thanks for those who took part:

Those who participated were transparent, open and very honest. The conversation was interesting and we got some great ideas. Our goal is now to action some of those ideas in collaboration with the Social Equity Board. If you were unable to attend but would like to share your feedback then please feel free to contact Emma or Veronique directly or

Global Well-being Month

Here’s what you can get involved in this month to aid your physical and mental well-being:

A note from Lucy Killick:

‘It is so important to look after our physical and mental health at the moment. I know that many of our team members have enjoyed some of the sessions offered as part of the HR global wellbeing programme. If you haven’t had a chance to join a session yet there are still events up to the end of the month, so please sign up if you can. We all look forward to being able to see each other in person, but in the meantime you can connect with your colleagues at these sessions while at the same time investing in some well deserved time to look after yourself. Thanks to all of those who have run the events’.

You’ve been [Framed]

This week we catch up with Victor Dinis, an Animator from our MTL office who recently worked on Flora & Ulysses. He wouldn’t mind having his own pet superhero squirrel and his dream project would entail an entourage of big names; Steven Spielberg, Meryl Streep and Radiohead to name a few. Read more about Victor here.

Also this week, Michael Brunet, Lead Animator on WW84 reminisces about meeting Alfonso Cuarón & dreams of one day working on 80’s animation Dino Riders (as long as he picked the director and made all the creative decisions). Read more here.


We’ve got a triple hit of fresh colour work from LDN for you this week. First up, Stef Perry grades ‘Mind Control’ for Experian Boost.

Simon Bourne grades ‘Let There Be Change’ for Accenture’s new spot.

And Dom Phipps grades Pixey, ‘Electric Dream’.

That’s this week all rounded up – catch you next time!