The week we Wanda show you something special (15.01.20)

Flora and Ulysses

Check the first trailer for upcoming Disney+ title Flora and Ulysses, which stars a damn fine squirrel (courtesy of our MTL colleagues) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Alyson Hannigan. You’ll be able to see it yourself come February 19th.


The sequel gets an early release in the UK on Sky Store. It’ll cost you £15.99, a small price to pay for a show featuring large-scale, outstanding VFX by our talented colleagues.


Marvel’s new nine-ep show that brings the MCU to the small screen kicks off from today with the first two episodes available on Disney+. The series follows Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff and Paul Bettany’s Vision living out an absurd suburban life in an alternate universe. Watch out for some colourful effects from the NY team.

Samsung – Galaxy Buds Pro

Available from today, the team from NY created a CG demo that visualised the groundbreaking technology contained within the buds, built a spaceship, and did a whole lotta invisible clean up and screen composites.

Jaguar Land Rover – Photographer

Senior Flame Artist, Paul O’Brien (LDN) and the Framestore team delivered seamless VFX to highlight the beauty of the new Jag. The invisible VFX is coupled with a rich colour grade for ‘Photographer’, the first film in a new campaign for the latest Jaguar F-Pace.

The Midnight Sky Nominations

Congratulations are in order for all those involved on The Midnight Sky, which has been nominated for Best VFX by the Denver Film Critics Society. And Oscar-winning composer Alexander Desplat has been nominated for Best Original Score, which often compliments the stunning sequences created by Framestore.

Coming up…

VES Global Virtual Q&A

You don’t want to miss this one… VFX Supe Chris Lawrence (LDN) is joined by none other than MR. CLOONEY and Emmy-nominated VFX Supe Matt Kasmir for a special VES session. Register HERE for free and submit your questions for the Q&A.

It will also stream on VES’ Facebook page and will be posted there following the live event.

Thursday 21st January
13:00 (LA), 15:00 (CHI), 16:00 (MTL, NY), 21:00 (LDN), 02:30 (MUM)

What we’ve been up to

Zoomin’ back to 1899

Spot the familiar Framestore faces. Baran bo Odar, one part of writer / director duo of 1899 shared this of the Framestore team currently working on the show.

State of the Industry and Future Skills for 2021

Andrew Schlussel, Director, Global Talent Development (LDN) will take part in a panel to discuss how best to prepare for the needs of the VFX and animation industry in this changing and challenging landscape.

TODAY, Friday 15th January
(LA), 11:00 (CHI), 12:00 (MTL, NY), 17:00 (LDN), 22:30 (MUM)

Register to watch the event here.

You’ve been [Framed]

This week we meet doughnut-loving Gigi Ng, VFX Supe & Senior Flame Artist who works in our NY office. Not only is she talented in VFX, but also in baking with some insaaaaanely tasty looking masterpieces. Petition to get The Rock to work with us so Gigi can fulfil her dream. Read more here.


Junior Colourist, Dom Phipps (LDN) grades this spot for the Reebok ‘Write Your Legacy’ campaign.

A reminder that the U.S. have a public holiday on Monday 18th January. That’s all for this week, catch you next time!