The week we found some Fantastic Beasts (11.12.20)

Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature

Having been overseen by Creative Director, Film, Christian Manz (LDN), the NY office created this incredible brand new exhibit which opened at the Natural History Museum in London this week. The team created and re-rendered Bowtruckle, Niffler and Erumpent creature animations for the immersive exhibit that draws links between animals in the natural world, and mythical creatures from the Wizarding World. Why not take a virtual tour HERE?


The project has received a lot of attention including from Forbes. Read more on our site here.

The Midnight Sky

Get excited. With less than two weeks until the release, here’s the final trailer.


Variety looks ahead to next year’s Oscar awards and tips The Midnight Sky as a serious contender! Also name dropping the talented Framestorians who works on the movie (screenshot below). Read the full article here.

And excitingly, Variety aren’t the only ones as Indie Wire explains how The Midnight Sky could bring Netflix to the Oscars. Have a read here.


The MCU goes episodic. This week we got the second trailer for WandaVision which starts streaming on 15th January, featuring work done by the episodic team in NY.


The team worked on this new Toyota holiday campaign extending environments and adding magical VFX touches.

Nissan – Thrill

Collaborating with director Marc Forster, VFX Supe, Michael Ralla (LA) led the team on a campaign for Nissan using LED panel technology that took viewers on a high-octane, Hollywood-style car chase sequence featuring Brie Larson. Read more on our website here.

Leon’s Night Out

The latest installment for the Sky collector campaign saw LDN deliver a whole host of work including turning Missenden Valley in the UK into Gyrosphere Valley on Isla Nublar and adding digital F1 cars onto the Silverstone track.

The Crown: Show & Tell

Check out the full VFX breakdown for The Crown Season Four which you can watch now on YouTube. 

Immortal Award Winner

BIFA Shortlist

The first of several end of year townhalls took place today (Fri 11th), this one for the IA London team which featured people from across the division to talk about the latest projects and updates, as well as what we’re working on next.

The rest of the townhalls will take place over the next week.

The house of mouse

As well as the WandaVision trailer, Disney made a number of big announcements in this week’s investor presentations including several Framestore projects. Here’s the hot goss:

Flora and Ulysses

Also on our radar is this first look at the cynical young comic book fan and her super-powered squirrel sidekick who team up in Flora and Ulysses for the Original Movie which is set to hit Disney + on 19th February.

Disney dropped the full cast announcement for the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, which includes the ever-wonderful Daveed Diggs and Melissa McCarthy.


Jingle Jangle

Huffpost explore how Jingle Jangle reinvented the Christmas movie, featuring plenty of VFX from Framestore. Read the article here.

His Dark Materials series two

VFX Supe, Russ Dodgson (LDN) speaks to Den of Geek on the making of the monstrous ‘Spectres’ and how their creation differs from that of the Daemons.

Metro find out more on the creation of the monstrous Spectres, witches and daemons conjured up for the second series of HDM. Read more here.

The gift of giving

Over in MTL, the resourcing, recruitment, training, marketing and CG Manager have donated to Chez Doris, a shelter for homeless women, this year instead of their usual secret Santa gifting. Here’s a pic of the team looking fabulously festive.

Christmas Jumper Day

Today in the UK it is Christmas Jumper Day, a day where we get our best (and worst) festive knits out in support of Save the Children. The charity aims to improve the lives of children through better education, health care, and economic opportunities.

If you’d like to support us in raising money you can donate online via our Just Giving page.

Back to School

Lead Riggers Federico Favaro and Marco D’Ambros (LDN) and Launchpad Recruiter, Annie Barlow (LDN) spoke to students at renowned computer graphics school, BigRock to give them an insight into the VFX world and the work Framestore does, with a Q&A session at the end.

In Other News

Adam&Eve DDB Charity Auction

The annual charity print sale is back, and this time they’ve gone digital, in support of The Avenues Youth Project. The items focus on championing diversity and the stories of people of colour, and there are plenty of beautiful donations for sale.

All you have to do is visit here to get involved. Create an account to place your bids – you have until 21:00 on Sunday December 13th!

Winning bidders will be contacted once bidding ends to make payments – if you have not won you will not be contacted.