The week it’s a cat-and-mouse game (20.11.20)

Tom & Jerry

The first official trailer has dropped for Tom & Jerry, and Framestore’s paws are all over it. Our teams in LDN and MTL knocked it out the park to bring these famous 2D foes into a 3D world, and the results are sublime! Directed by Ride Along‘s Tim Story and produced by Ready Player One‘s Chris DeFaria the film is set to hit screens next year, so watch the trailer below and mark it as a definite one for the to-watch list…


It’s finally official… after much uncertainty, Wonder Woman 1984 (featuring VFX from our LDN supremos) will grace the big screen this December. You’ll be able to see it on December 16th in the UK, or Christmas day if you’re in the US. Our stateside pals will also be able to see it on HBO Max. Here’s a reminder of what’s to come:

Alien Worlds

Framestore delivered 30 minutes of fully CG worlds across four episodes of the upcoming ‘speculative nature series’ which blends science fiction and fact.

His Dark Materials S2: Making Of

Episode one has been unveiled globally so we’re sharing some BTS work that showcases our VFX work and that of our colleagues over at Painting Practice. 


The team behind the show have also been gassing to the press about their work. Overall VFX supe, Russ Dodgson chats to Den of Geek on the inspiration for the making of Cittàgazze, as well as the meaning behind Pan’s transformations.

Elsewhere, VFX Supervisor Rob Harrington (LDN) has a word with TVB Europe about some of the technical challenges working on season two.

Meanwhile British Cinematographer, Animation Magazine and LBB also picked up the story, quoting Russ, VFX EP James Whitlam (LDN) and Global MD, Film, Fiona Walkinshaw on Framestore’s stunning work.


VR attraction at Lionsgate Entertainment World Midnight Ride has been recognised for ‘Outstanding Achievement’ by the Themed Entertainment Association. HUUUGE congratulations to the teams behind it’s success!

Next up on the awards news, LBB Immortal awards today announced that the boundary smashing #WombStories has been shortlisted. We’ll keep you updated as we hear more!

Netflix: Top Ten

Jingle Jangle and The Crown have been getting some serious attention, and are placed firmly in the top ten trending on Netflix.

Speaking of, here’s a roundup of some of the best media, reactions and press for each of the projects.

See how the MTL office Animators brought to life the naughty little mastermind that is Don Juan Diego.

And you can take a closer look at the beautiful CG models the IA team in London created for the film’s storybook sequences – a line up of all six are on our Instagram.

Star of the movie, Anika Noni Rose loved hers so much she stole it off our Instagram and reposted it to her 250,000 followers!

And some social media reactions to the film? Sure thing!

And we couldn’t leave this out.. a personal thank you from Director David E. Talbert to everyone for their dedication to the show.

You can read more about our work on the movie here:

Film VFX

The Crown

Working on 230 shots across the new series, the seamless visual effects provided by the LDN IA team have been met with awe and adoration. Read more about our work on our website.

Radio Times writes this complimentary article.

TVBEurope also couldn’t wait to release this article focusing on our use of Deep Fake tech in the series.

CGW delves into Framestore’s work on the fully-digital Stag, extensive environments and digital crowds. Read the article here.

And people have been expressing their reactions to that Stag scene for which we created the animal, including a film critic that seemed to think someone somewhere had actually killed a stag.

Other Press-ing Matters

Jingle Jangle

Animation Supe Eric Guaglione and Director David E. Talbert spoke to Entertainment Weekly about on the creative process on forming sweet little Buddy 3000 from Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey. Read the article here.

Post Perspective

For their digital storage series, PostPerspective spoke to Framestore’s director of global systems and infrastructure technology, Beren Lewis, on the importance of seamless, around-the-clock access and delivery solutions for artists.

For more of his insights on storage stability/resilience, performance and cost, check out the full piece in PostPerspective.

Launchpad Competition Winners

Foundry interviews this years winners of our Launchpad Internship Competition – Team Herts – on the making of their humourous animated short. Read the article and get a look at the final film here.

You’ve been [Framed]

This week we meet VFX Producer, Standish Millennas (LDN) who delivered our work on The Crown Season Four. She got an invite to Sporty Spice’s 40th birthday and she was also Britain’s 1987 Winner of ………… (read here to find out).

Happy Thanksgiving

Since our US counterparts will be off next Thursday & Friday we wanted to end this week’s round up with some graceful dancing turkeys to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your loved ones for next week!