The week that takes the biscuit (06.11.20)

His Dark Materials

The wait is almost over! The second season begins this Sunday 8th November on BBC One (Monday 16th November via HBO for our stateside colleagues – sorry!) and we couldn’t prouder of the work. Teams across LDN, MTL and NY poured blood sweat and tears into the show’s 1400 VFX shots, carefully crafting daemons old and new and building sumptuous new environments for Lyra and Will to explore. The result is a marvellous creative feat, and we can’t wait for you all to see it.

Here’s a reminder of the drama to come…

While we’re talking HDM…. The first series has received a nomination for ‘Effects’ at this year’s Royal Television Society, Craft & Design Awards. mmmm wouldn’t that look nice on the shelf next to our BAFTA?


Framestore Picturesโ€™ Murray Butler and Framestore Creative Director & Head of CG Andy Rowan-Robinson worked alongside Martin Agency to create a heartwarming spot for Oreo that calls on a divided America to unite and strive towards a brighter future, together. The team built the plush stuffed animals in CG, directed a nighttime shoot, animated and finished the entire story all within a six week time period.


SHOOT Online



Collaborating with Director James Rouse, Framestore helped to bring some festive magic for Argos’ Christmas commercial. Our work included digitally augmenting ‘Abracadaisy and the Astounding Lucy’s magic tricks and transforming their home into a grandiose theatre. Read about our work on the project here.

Rumour has it Marvinโ€™s Amazing Box of Tricks is absolutely FLYING off the shelves now… a job well done.


The Drum

SHOOT Online

Disney x American Eagle

The LA team delivered VFX and colour for Disney’s new collaboration with American Eagle, conjuring up a magical winter wonderland featuring Minnie and Mickey Mouse. If you visit TikTok on the reg you might recognise stars Addison Rae and Wisdom Kaye.


Check out LEGO’s playful Christmas campaign making the best of a bad year by celebrating the magic of the everyday.


Jingle Jangle

Labelled as a “visual feast” by Digital Spy with “enchanting stop-motion and CGI animation” per the Hollywood Reporter.

Ricky Martin – voice of ‘Don Juan Diego’, a villainous toy in the movie – speaks to NBC news on what inspired his character and explains how Jingle Jangle is making history. Read here.

Art Department turns ten

To celebrate their 10th anniversary, concept artists from our Art Department picked some of their favourite works to discuss in this article from Befores&Afters.

What we’ve been up to

His Dark Materials

As the new season begins in the UK this weekend Radio Times teamed up with BFI to host a series of virtual events over the course of the week, including this exclusive behind-the-scenes panel ‘Creating Cittagazze’ with Overall VFX Supe Russ Dodgson (LDN). Have a watch here.

Russ was joined by EP & Prod Designer Joel Collins, Casting Director Kahleen Crawford, VFX Art Director & Previs Supe Dan May and Composer Lorne Balfe.

ArtTech Forum

Head of Creative Development & EP, Simon Whalley yesterday discussed the future of cultural experiences on a panel at ArtTech Forum 2020. He was joined by Gwenael Allan – CEO and Founder, Sensory Odyssey and Jules Chappell – Managing Director, London & Partners.


Recruiter, Nikita Nabanita (MUM) shared her knowledge of the Indian market to shed light on how budding VFX artists can find career opportunities and what VFX communities to be part of in the area.

You’ve been [Framed]

Meet Laureline Silan, Compositing Supervisor (MTL). It seems Belgian chocolates are the key to her heart and if we weren’t lucky enough to have her working at Framestore she might have been running a vino bar in Brussels. Find out more on Laureline here.

That’s all for this week – catch you next time!