The week we’re hanging at His House (02.10.20)

His House

Led by overall VFX Sup Pedro Sabrosa, the TV team took on the VFX for haunted house story, His House. It raked in some great reviews after it premiered at this year’s Sundance Festival, where it was picked up by Netflix. You can expect it to drop on the streaming service October 30th, just in time to give you sweet Halloween nightmares.

Sky Italia

If you can’t bring Jude Law to Italy, bring Italy to Jude Law. That’s exactly what Framestore did for Sky WiFi’s advertising campaign in which Jude walks through stunning locations in Venice, Milan and Genoa. Led by VFX Supe Chris Redding, the team composited the location shoot plates, shot by Sky Italia’s team, with Jude’s studio performance produced by Framestore Pictures.

Find out more on the project and see the breakdown here.

Project Power

This week our instagram has been poppin OFF over the newly-released Project Power VFX breakdown content which dissects each of the main characters’ extraordinary abilities. Check them out on our profile.

No Time To Die

The LDN advertising team, hot off creating the titles for the film also delivered VFX work on Billie Eilish’s new music video for No Time to Die. The video came out this week ahead of the film’s release next month.


First Look at The Midnight Sky

We’ve finally gotten our first taste of The Midnight Sky, thanks to prestigious outlets like Vanity Fair, Empire and IndieWire. Directed by George Clooney and starring Clooney, Felicity Jones and David Oyelowo, the adaptation of Lily Brooks-Dalton’s novel will hit Netflix later in the year. Can’t wait to see the trailer!

Love our Lovecraft craft

Broadcast’s technology editor Jake Bickerton has highlighted some of the most impressive VFX work done from home in the past few months, including Framestore’s work on new highly esteemed HBO horror-series Lovecraft County. Read the article here.

MR & The Future of Video Calls

Global Real-Time Director Karl Woolley weighed in on this article from LBB exploring the Mixed Reality and the future of video calls in the ‘new normal’.

Reality, Augmented through Art

Tech-heads and art-heads from the advertising world share what they consider some of the most exciting projects where art and augmented reality collide, featuring Creative Director Henry Trotter (LDN). Read here.


Black History Month

The start of October marks the start of Black History Month in the UK (celebrated in February for the US and Canada). To learn more about events going on an initiatives head to the official website here.

And if you want to contribute something to the roundup to celebrate Black History Month just drop us an email on

If you want to continue learning, check out the content below. We’ll carry on sharing plenty content so keep an eye out each week!


  • How to be an Antiracist – Ibram X. Kendi
  • Black Klansman – Race, Hate, and the Undercover – Ron Stallworth
  • Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race – Reni Eddo-Lodge 
  • The Skin I’m In – Sharon G. Flake
  • I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings – Maya Angelou
  • Natives – Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire by Akala

Movies, docs and series


Congratulations to Colourist, Simon Bourne (LDN) who has received a Best Colour nomination at this year’s UKMVA’s for Michael Kiwanuka’s ‘Hero’.

In Other News

Stay Tooned

The official McLaren F1 Twitter account reignited the love for Tooned; the brand tie-in series we created with the Formula 1 team. They shared a gif from an episode featuring former World Champion Mika Häkkinen which was met with a lot of love and demands to #BringBackTooned – including from McLaren driver Lando Norris’ Official Team #L4NDO Twitter account.

If you want all the details of the project, get Tooned up on our website here.

Launchpad turns 15

Here’s a film to celebrate our Launchpad program’s 15th anniversary. We asked some of our interns and mentors to share everything from their favourite memories to what advice they would give to the next generation of artists.

You’ve been [Framed]

Meet talented Compositor Prince Yaw Yiadom (LDN); a keen photographer who joined us as a runner and is now part of our comp team. Oh, and living without Joloff Rice is out the question. Prince, you’ve been [Framed].

Next up on this week’s Framed is Camille. She worked on the academy award-winning Ex Machina, and should you need a true crime documentary recommendation it sounds like she’s your woman. Meet compositor Camille Paleni (MTL). Congratulations on your new home, Camille!

If you’d like to be Framed, let us know!