The week we meet-a Cheetah (28.08.20)


Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until October to see the real deal, but for now get a load of this BRAND NEW TRAILER for the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984. It was released into the wild at DC Comics first ever virtual fan convention last weekend and features the first look at our work on super villain, Cheetah.

See more Cheetah-related action here

His Dark Materials

Speaking of sequels this fantasy series is back for more, we’ve got not one but TWO new exciting trailers for season 2.

Behind the Scenes

This week behind the scenes work was dropped both for James Gunn’s upcoming Suicide Squad film and Netflix’s The Witcher, both of which feature Framestore’s incredible VFX work.

Suicide Squad

This trailer captures shots from our team including the team walking towards the camera, King Shark eating a soldier and Weasel licking a glass door – all of which feels like an accurate representation of 2020.

Making The Witcher

You can stream ‘Making The Witcher’ now on Netflix! The 30-minute one-off episode looks at what went into creating the show, including a boat load of our VFX work and several clips of our environment breakdowns.


Project power

Project Power is dominating Netflix right now, becoming the second movie ever to maintain the #1 spot for the second week running.

Ivan Moran features in this Q&A with Art of VFX and also spoke alongside VFX Supes Joao Sita and Matt Twyford to reveal how the characters in Project Power gained their superpowers. Read how here.

Ivan also gets a casual name drop on key creative decisions from Director Henry Joost in Den of Geek’s article here.



Director Niki Caro and the cast of Mulan talk about the journey of finding Mulan. The movie is out on #DisneyPlus with Premier Access on September 4th!

You’ve been [Framed]

He’s powered on the daily by a sip of Masala Chai and he’s got some enviable ninja reflexes… it’s Mumbai’s CG Supe, Prashant Nair this week on Framed, read more here.


Colourist Steffan Perry (LDN) grades Mitchum’s ‘Live the Moment’.

In Other News

Check out this light-hearted video from PicUp, the litter picking group formed at Framestore.

Help raise money for the NHS by donating to their worthy cause HERE.

A reminder of the upcoming UK bank holiday on Monday; time to put our feet up (if it allows) and enjoy some incredibly mediocre weather.