The week we win a BAFTA (24.07.20)


We couldn’t be more proud to announce that His Dark Materials won the BAFTA Craft TV Award for Special, Visual and Graphic Effects. Take a moment to congratulate the incredible Framestore talent and hard work of those who helped to bring Philip Pullman’s world to life. This seems like an appropriate way to celebrate:

VFX Supe, Russell Dodgson (LDN) had this to say on the win, which was streamed live as part of the online BAFTA ceremony.

Incoming HDM

This week would have been San Diego Comic Con has gone virtual, now named #ComicConatHome. As part of the event we got our first look at the second series of HDM which teams all over Framestore are currently hard at work on. The new series will land this autumn on HBO and BBC One.

British Vogue

Framestore worked with British Vogue to augment archival imagery with the latest fashions from designers for the August 2020 issue. ECD, William Bartlett and Concept Artist Nikola Yordanov (LDN) worked closely with the team at Vogue to create the stills which you can see in the latest issue. Head to our website for more info on the project.


Three projects have been chosen as official selections of the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival; Spider-Man: Far From Home, Purdey’s Hummingbird and His Dark Materials. You can see them streaming as part of the virtual event’s electronic theatre next month. 

AEAF Awards

Loads of projects have been selected as finalists for the AEAF Awards which will be presented in an online ceremony next month.

Congrats to everyone that worked on the below projects. More categories will be announced soon.

Happy birthday HDM

Sunday marked the 25th anniversary of Northern Lights, the first book in the His Dark Materials trilogy. We celebrated by sharing our character reel from the film which received lots of appreciation.


His Dark Materials

CD, Russell Dodgson (LDN) talks to Before&Afters about using puppets, maquettes and rigs on-set for season one of HDM. Read the article here.

British Vogue

As the Vogue project launched, the team spoke to journalists both at the publication and at Creative Review to give them a detailed account of the work that we did.

Read the Creative Review article here and the Vogue piece here

What we’ve been up to

Siggraph’s latest spotlight podcast discusses the science, technology, and technique behind age manipulation and digital humans in VFX (and features our own VFX Supe Chris Lawrence). Have a listen here.

You’ve been [Framed]

Meet Lord of the Rings fan, Nikola Yordanov, a concept artist at our LDN office. He’s one of the brains behind our latest work on British vogue and did all the amazing hand-drawn elements from last year’s Christmas Carol.

Read more about him here.

Diversity Site

Each week we’ll be sharing reviews of the podcasts, articles & books we have up on our Diversity site. Please share any recommendations for further learning materials you may have – we welcome them all!

Travis Mostyn shares his thoughts with us on 1619:

In light of the recent outcries to end racism of any kind, I’ve tasked myself with becoming more knowledgable of the ugly, but very real history of it.  Learning some things for the first time, what I wasn’t taught in school. The 1619 podcast focuses on real facts, anecdotal experiences, and historical references that go to the heart of the ugly matter of racism.  I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who is looking to learn the core of systemic racism.  Here we are forced to examine who we are and how we want to live together. Knowledge leads to understanding, and understanding leads to change. 

Remote Management Training Session

This week our LDN and MTL HR teams hosted a remote training session on ‘Managing Performance in lockdown’, joined by managers from the U.S., MTL and the UK offices. They focused on two case studies on the subject of Performance Management and heard some real life examples of challenges faced while adapting to the remote management set up. The session was a complete success, with a sprinkling of frozen screens on questionable expressions and voice modifications – is it even a zoom call without a technical difficulty?

Please contact your Local HR team if you are a manager and interested in joining in on a future Remote Management Training session. 

The A-Teams

As you may be aware our Launchpad competition is well underway – have a look at the fresh faces behind each team.

In Other News

Julian Bass is a name currently going viral. His Tik Tok got the attention of the likes of James Gunn and Bob Iger. He’s since been signed by ICM Partners to represent him while he’s most likely fielding job offers!