The week we LEGO of the handbrake (15.05.20)

LEGO – Drive What You Love

Framestore partnered with HighlyUnlikely and Director David Mellor to provide high-octane VFX for the new LEGO spot, including environments, cars, reflections and the huge flour explosion.

ACIP Awards

Congratulations to all of the teams that worked on the four projects we worked on that were shortlisted this week for the ACIP Awards.

Shots Awards: The Americas

The live virtual awards ceremony is TODAY and the best thing is, you’re all invited. So grab a drink, take a front-row seat and watch it live HERE.

A number of projects we’ve worked on have been shortlisted: 

The Wall Street Journal – Read Yourself Better
Apple – Bounce
Cerveza Victoria – Xibalba
Squarespace – Dream It
Medmen – The New Normal

The ceremony begins at:
15:00 (LA), 17:00 (CHI), 18:00 (NY, MTL), 23:00 (LDN), 03:30 (MUM)

National Centre for Domestic Violence 

We were honoured to be a part of the production of this powerful film for @NCDV_official to raise awareness of domestic abuse at a time where incidents have been up 49% in the UK.

If you want more information or need to get in touch with someone, go to Domestic Violence UK’s social channels or website.

HGTV Home – Dream It True

Framestore and Framestore Pictures worked alongside creative agency MONO to produce two new VFX-heavy spots for the ‘Dream It True’ campaign. Read about the work we did here.


Tom and Jerry

Cartoon Brew spoke to Animation Supervisor Arslan Elver and Senior Animator Pete Warbis (both LDN) about how the remote working situation has impacted their work on Warner Bros.’ Tom & Jerry. Read here


The FX Guide took a deep-dive into the world of Framestore Pre-production Services (FPS), and how the new team enables Framestore to take a holistic approach to production. Read here.

The Razz

President, US, James Razzall speaks to Poolhouse about how Framestore are continuing through the pandemic.

What we’ve been up to

A trip to the Wizarding World with Foundry

For an educational roundtable, Creative Director Christian Manz (LDN) gave exclusive insight into his rich experience in the world of JK Rowling, and what it takes to be a VFX Supervisor.

Women In Animation

Comp Supe, Frederikke Glick (MTL) spoke to WIA in a live facebook interview this week about how she got into VFX and how she’s juggling her career alongside parenthood. Watch the full video here

A Colourful Career

This week Steffan Perry, Head of Grading joined Ian Murray on the Industry Experts podcast to talk about his career and his approach to colour grading.

You’ve been [Framed]

Head of Editorial, Barnes Wheeler (MTL) talks dream projects, happiness and pyjamas days – apparently he’s not had one pyjama day since lockdown. Read more here.

Creative Director, Jason Fox (LDN) on the other hand enjoys that he can touch his bed from his current workspace. We think what he means is that he’s not been out of bed since March…. Read his [FRAMED] here.


Beau Leon grades the latest spot for AT&T.

A reminder that it is a public holiday for Montreal this coming Monday, enjoy your long weekend!