The week we WFH (27.03.20)

Amid all the chaos, we’d like to say a HUGE thanks to our incredible Systems, Tech and Support teams, without which business wouldn’t be able to resume as normal. You are quite simply, legends.

The appreciation posts speak for themselves:

Disney+ Launches

Disney + launched this week in the UK, meaning Brit audiences can now check out our work on Lady and the Tramp and Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made, as well as older titles featuring Framestore’s work such as Christopher Robin, Dumbo, Beauty and the Beast, our work for National Geographic related to One Strange Rock and Free Solo and a host of Marvel Studios’ films including the record-breaking Avengers: Endgame.

Lady and the Tramp

Head to our website to learn more about our work on the film, across over 550 shots. Both London and Montreal worked on the film, animating the two lead dogs and that beloved spaghetti sequence. Thanks to everyone for their incredible work on the project!

Did you guess right? We quizzed our followers on whether they could choose which doggie was real, and which was our doggie double here

We shared some Tramp BTS here on instagram


VFX Supe, Bob Winter (MTL) and Anim Supe, Arslan Elver (LDN) were interviewed by Art of VFX on the film here

Timmy Failure

We’re celebrating the launch of Disney+ with a new case study on our VFX work for Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made. Key to the team’s role as a creative partner was bringing to life ‘Total’ – a photorealistic 1,500 pound polar bear. Congratulations to everyone involved on the project!

Switch It Up

Framestore Pictures Director, Anh Vu collabroated with Major Behaviour for the launch of Macy’s new spring collection. The LA office also provided swift transitions and motions, with an added grade by Colourist Beau Leon.


New in-house renderer

Meet ‘Freak’, the film team’s new in-house renderer. Journalist Ian Failes sat down with our Global Head of CG Mark Wilson (LDN) and Head of Rendering Nathan Walster (LDN) to find out how we embarked on the project and just where that name ‘Freak’ came from. Head to before & afters for the full interview.

The Boys

VFX Supe, Pedro Sabrosa (LDN) speaks to Backstage on the increasing use of digital stuntwork and it’s knock-on effect on actors and stunt performers.


Blooloop learns from Gavin Fox (LDN) about creating rides for mass appeal. Find out what it takes for IP owners to turn their properties into successful immersive experiences.

Post Perspective

Post perspective chats to Colourist Beau Leon (LA) about what inspires him, his favourite part of the job and some of the acclaimed projects he’s worked on over the course of his career. Read the interview here

Avengers: Endgame

Enrik Pavdeja spoke to VFX Online during his trip to India with The Foundry. Check out the article here


President, US, James Razzall speaks to Shots about how Framestore have risen to the challenge despite recent tough times and how we will continue to adapt. Read what he has to say here.

What we’ve been up to

Mainly eating, working and netflixing, you?

Access VFX

Head of Recruitment, Film, Henry Bull (LDN) talks to Access VFX on how to ‘Stand Out While Staying In’, giving tips on how to get your foot in the door to VFX during this time of uncertainty. Have a listen to the podcast here

Online Yoga

This week the LDN office had their first online yoga session with qualified instructor, May Ling every Thursday lunchtime from 12:30 for your yoga fix. See your email for information.

Calling all Framestore pets

National Pet Day UK is coming up in the next couple of weeks but we want to pay homage to all of our newest colleagues globally, your pets. We’ll be doing an appreciation post on social for all those new co-workers. So, whether they’re helping, hindering, sitting on your keyboard or interrupting video calls – send in your pictures!


Workout From Home

During this chaotic time exercise can help with your mental well-being. If you’re stuck for ideas, here’s some to get you started:

Pamela Reif gives you short workouts, with no equipment needed. Check out her channel here.

Stream live Insta workouts

Barry’s Bootcamp are streaming daily free workouts on instagram for US and UK, follow them @barrys (US) or @barrysuk

Follow @Digmefitness, for regular live workouts throughout the day.

or check out Buzzfeed’s round-up of some of the most popular yoga and fitness workout videos while we’re on lockdown.

Conference call confidence

For all those who hate phone and video calls, here’s some tips on how to try and overcome the conference call fear.


The new ad for SavageXFenty gets a burst of colour from Colourist, Beau Leon (LA).

In Other News

One for the Framestore parents…

If you can’t go to Disneyland, bring Disneyland to you

Having had to cancel their trips to Disneyland, these fans go full improv and in these harsh quaran-times, you have to admire their spirit. Here’s a round up of the best ones

House Party

Everyone’s on the houseparty app. Download it for some much-needed face-to-face time with friends.

Stay well, and see you next week!