The week Eilish-en to the Bond theme (14.02.20)

Wonder Woman 1984

Head over to Entertainment Weekly to see some stills from the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984, including a sneak peek of the golden armour, as featured in one of our shots:

No Time To Die

With the film set for release in April, see what you think of Billie Eilish’s James Bond theme.


Paris Images Digital Summit

Beau Garcia (LDN) spoke to Cine Choc after his presentation at PIDS about the effects work we’ve recently delivered for the likes of The Witcher and The Boys. Have a watch here.


The latest episode of the brilliant ACCESS: VFX podcast is now out and features our very own Assistant TD, Joel Foster (LDN). The ep talks about neurodiversity in the workplace. Check out the full podcast here.

What we’ve been up to

Spark FX

This weekend VFX Supe, Shawn Hillier (MTL) and Anim Supe, Aulo Licinio (MTL) are heading to Spark FX to present our work on His Dark Materials; giving the audience an exclusive deep-dive in crafting (the annie-award winning!) character Iorek.


Bonnie Dorais (MTL) was joined by Atasia from Method and Lilly from The Mill to present at Access VFX, hosted by the Lasalle community comprehensive high school.

Visual Effects Society

Deep breath… MD (MTL) Chloe Grysole, Animation Supe Arslan Elver, MD (Pre-Vis) Alex Webster, VFX Supe, Shawn Hillier and VFX Supe, Rob Allman (LDN) are all looking sharp attending the VES Awards ceremony in London a couple of weeks ago.

Calling women of Framestore

Animated Women UK forms invaluable networks and exists to positively support, represent, and encourage women in Animation and VFX.

They offer a programme called The Helen North Achieve programme aiming to help participants have confidence in their own careers. Absolutely anyone can sign up, no matter what stage of your career. Head here to apply!


Beau Leon (LA) grades Voices of Parkland which premiered in LA on Wednesday. The documentary tells the story of survivors from the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

Coming soon….

Going for Gold

Last year Pedro Casavecchia (LDN) won the Jury’s distinction crystal at Annecy Festival for his short film Pulsion. This year, the film has gone on to win Best International Animation award at Clermont Ferrand film festival, biggest international festival dedicated to short films – congratulations Pedro!

Have a great weekend and to our US counterparts, enjoy the Bank Holiday