The week we’re back in business (03.01.20)

Welcome to the year 2020, kids. We’re kicking off the New Year with a barrage of new work.

His Dark Materials

BBC Click chatted to VFX Supe, Russell Dodgson (LDN) all about His Dark Materials following the airing of the last episode (sob). As well as appearing on the BBC iPlayer, it was also on TV during the Christmas season on BBC One and the BBC News channel.

If that’s not enough behind-the-scenes chat for you, Russell also features on the last episode of the podcast His Darker Materials, which accompanied the series. Click below to have a listen.

Following the dramatic final episode of His Dark Materials we shared this video of our creatives explaining the incredible work that went into bringing those CG bears to life…

A Christmas Carol

Congratulations to the team that worked on A Christmas Carol which aired on FX and on the BBC this Christmas. The show was well-received and certainly looked bloody brilliant. If you missed it head to BBC iPlayer, or read more here.

First choice

We supervised the shoot, provided invisible VFX and added a touch of colour grading to this new spot for First Choice Ridiculous Deals Need Ridiculous Adverts.


Maccies just can’t get enough of us. Partnering up with Leo Burnett once more, the LDN Advertising team provided invisible VFX and cleaned up for both of these new McDonald’s commercials.

Flavour Envy – Big Flavour Wraps

Breakfast – Near Misses

Art Department

We teamed up with Wacom to create a small film about our amazing Art Department. The team discuss how they got into the industry, their approach to creating concepts and how they use Wacom tech in their day-to-day. Thanks to Martin Macrae, Jonathan Opgenhaffen and Ben Kovar for taking part:

Disney+ preview

Take a look at what’s to come this year, featuring some unseen footage of Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made


The Witcher

Framestore gets a mention in this interview with overall VFX Supe, Julian Parry for Art of VFX

His Dark Materials

Animation Supe, Aulo Licinio (MTL) talks to 3D total about the creative process that went into bringing Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials deamons to life. Click the image below to read the article.

The Aeronauts

VFX Supe, Christian Kaestner and CG Supe, Ben Magana delve into the beautiful cloudscapes we created in this Q&A for Before & Afters.

Christian is also interviewed by FX guide to discussing more about Framestore’s involvement in the making of The Aeronauts. Read the full article here.

Framestore technology

Alan Newitt and David Bees talk to AWS about how Framestore uses its technology to drive Front and for cloud-based rendering in LA. Read the technology case study here on VFX Online.


Just before we all let loose for the holidays the MTL office rounded up the troops from different departments to host a big Movie Quiz. Just look at those excited pre-holiday faces.

Bye bye for now.