The week we let the dogs out (15.11.19)

Lady and the Tramp

The modern re-imagining of the 1955 animated classic which made THAT spaghetti scene an act of love, was launched this week on Disney+.

HUGE congrats to our teams – the dogs look so real that even the critics couldn’t tell the dogs were built in full CG 🤫 Stay tuned for some behind-the-scenes soon!

Season of TV

Wear the crown. Be the crown. You are the crown.

Fans of the popular Netflix series will be delighted to know that Series 3 begins this Sunday 17th. Look out for all shots to do with planes, that’s our Artists handywork.

Why Women Kill

The LA office produced lots of environments and digitally aged Lucy Liu for the new dark-comedy drama, Why Women Kill for CBS. Read all about our work here.

Sky Cinema – 12 Days of Idris 👀

Oh look, it’s Idris again. The London IA team worked with Idris Elba on this Sky spot which sees the actor placed into several familiar scenes from the latest movies; two of which were Framestore projects.

Nintendo Switch

Produced by Framestore Pictures and directed by Murray Butler, the new Nintendo Switch spot for Pokemon Sword and Shield game showcases OG Pokemon characters and their environments in the real world. The ad was a collaborative effort between the VFX magic from CHI office and the LDN IA rigging team who helped build the assets. See more on the spot here.


Booming Film industry

Our CCO, Tim Webber, spoke to The Guardian about how film (and, by extension, VFX) are boom industries while everything else is in the economy is witnessing a Brexit-related flatline. Read it here.

Tim also spoke to Kevin Maher of The Times about the technical difficulties of creating a computer-generated human face.

Season of TV Q&A

VFX Business Development Producer, Ben Perry (LDN) spoke to us about the streaming boom and what it means for creative studios like Framestore. Read the full interview here.


Lead Animator, Sebastian Nino (LDN), recently presented our wonderful work at a conference run by SAP, discussing the power of storytelling in animation. Read the full article here

Avengers: Endgame

VFX Supe, Dan DeLeeuw spoke to Digital Trends in this article about Avengers: Endgame and mentions our heroic work on Smart Hulk 🙌

This week’s Framestore antics

Jell-O-so good

You ain’t never seen Jell-O like this before. The LDN office hosted a dinner for investors on a project we’ve been working on. FS jelly creators, Katie Rose Thorne, Lauren Anderson and Jason Fox collaborated with Bompas & Parr to serve up these edible ‘Holographic’ plumcot & ginger Jellies as dessert, complete with massive liquid nitrogen clouds.

If we could get some of those to the cafe immediately that’d be great.

Access VFX

Concept Artist, IA, Nikola Yordanov (LDN) FS attended an Access:VFX lecture event at City College in Norwich to talk about on his career as a concept artist, the projects he’s worked on and the wonders of Framestore.

Heading west, the MTL office hosted a Game of Thrones VR demo event on Wednesday evening.`

INK October

Last month artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month. Take a look at some of the drawings from our talents colleagues who got involved, some with a little intricate than others.


The MTL office are hosting His Dark Materials fans for screenings every Tuesday evening


Hairstyling Class

The MTL office hosted a hairstyling class for the Groom department to learn different hair techniques and understand different hair types, cutting guides and styles.

Take a look at some of our employee’s impressive drawings from our weekly Urban Sketching class in LDN, credit to Andrew Butler, Paul Roberts and Siggy Sigmond.

Work hard. Party Hard. 🎄🍷

‘Tis the season for awkward dances and even more awkward drunken conversations with your colleagues.

Holiday party dates:

Montréal – Thursday 5th December

New York – Thursday 5th December

Chicago – Wednesday 18th December

London – Wednesday 18th December

Shout out to our offices in North America who are battling those blizzards