The week talking Daemons, Liars and Happy Meals (08.11.19)

His Dark Materials

Since its release on BBC and HBO , the first episode of His Dark Materials has drummed up a lot of positive attention online. We’ve even got the author of the novels, Phillip Pullman, weighing in on our tweets.

And the shows writer, Jack Thorne strokes our ego with this tweet, mentioning both Framestore and overall VFX Supe Russell Dodgson.




Animation Magazine

Digital Trends

Le Devoir
Lead Animator, Loic Mireault (MTL) discusses the process and the challenges faced by his team of 48 animators in the creation of the Daemons in this article.

Le Journal de Montreal
MD, Chloe Grysole (MTL) talks of reimagining the same story after working on The Golden Compass years ago. Read the full article here.

Season Of TV Q&A: James Whitlam

The show’s VFX Exec Producer, James Whitlam discusses our work and the nature of cinematic VFX in television ahead of the second episode of His Dark Materials this weekend. Read his Q&A here.

The Aeronauts

Up, up and away! Amazon’s The Aeronauts is finally out in UK cinemas – best viewed on the biggest screen you can find 👌

The Good Liar

Based on the widely acclaimed novel by Nicholas Searle, The Good Liar called for seamless, ‘invisible’ VFX work across a total of 225 shots. Dubbed “outrageous and irresistible” by The Guardian, you can see it from today in UK cinemas and from the 15th for our North American pals.

A Christmas Carol

Continuing the #SeasonOfTV, Framestore is providing series-wide VFX management for this latest festive adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, coming to the BBC and FX this December. Take a first look at Guy Pearce as Scrooge and our mate Andy Serkis as the ghost of Christmas past. 

Nixon’s Demons

The comic motion book project developed by Joe James (NYC) and Murray Butler (NYC) is now live on the Madefire platform and available to download for free on iOS App Store and Google Play store now. 

Wall Street Journal – Read Yourself Better

Framestore collaborated with director Juan Cabral of MJZ and The&Partnership, led by ECD Justin Ruben, to craft a satirical and pointed commentary on the digital world using a strategic combination of practical effects and seamless VFX. See more here.

McDonald’s – Iconic Toy Surprise

To celebrate 40 years of the McDonald’s Happy Meal, Framestore was tasked with creating a teaser that hinted at the return of something from the past, and bringing to life all 17 of the iconic toys from the 80’s. Read up more on the spot here.


Achieving the best VFX with physics

CCO, Tim Webber and VFX Supervisor, Eugenie Von Tunzelman (LDN) feature in the latest edition of Physics World magazine. They discuss their relationship with physics and it’s significance in creating the best possible VFX. You can read the full article here

Websummit Conference

CCO, Mike McGee took a trip to Lisbon this week and was part of not one, not two but THREE presentations and panels.

Mike sat alongside Sarah Fell, producer at Cartoon Network, Darragh O’Connell, Founder of Brown Bag Films and Rob Schwartz, Asia Bureau Chief of Billboard to discussing whether technology will help or hinder the future of animation.

Later in the week Mike took to the stage (he’s that tiny dot centre stage), presenting to an impressive 15,000 people on how Framestore creates awe and gave a further presentation on how the entertainment industry is evolving to engage with users like never before.

Toronto Animation Arts Festival International (TAAFI)

Animator Marc-André Baron presented at TAAFI last Saturday, he gave tips and tricks on how artists can achieve seamless interaction between animated characters and their live-action counterparts. 

Fast Company Innovation Festival

The NY office hosted a Fast Company Innovation Festival Fast Track session, with speakers Global Head of VR, Christine Cattano and MD, Charles Howell (NY), which gave conference attendees the chance to see the office, learn more about our work in Immersive, and try out some of our experiences.

Training at Framestore

Blender Classes

This week, in LDN, we’ve been running Blender classes for some of our talented creatives 👊

Pimp my GIF

We have a shiny new gif to pimp out your email footers, so please delete ANY old ones. Head here for instructions and here is the link for the swanky new gif.

Don’t say we never gif you anything.

MTL Halloween

MTL’s plans were postponed due to bad weather last week, so here’s what our MTL colleagues have been up to in the name of Halloween.

I think we can all agree MTL win the office decoration and costume competition, 15/10 for effort and execution:

Staff Award Winners

If you haven’t seen already, check yo’ mail. Congratulations to this quarter’s Staff Award heroes, we appreciate all that you do here at Framestore.

Run like the wind

Our Producer, IA, Emma Cook (LDN) will be running the Hertfordshire Half Marathon on 24th November to raise money for Applause for Thought, a non-profit organisation which aims to bring free and low-cost support to those working in the entertainment industry.

Mental health is something which shouldn’t be faced alone, share the love and donate HERE

The Boys – Series Two

It’s good news for fans of the first series, The Boys has just wrapped series two, meaning it won’t be long until those bad-ass, bad-mouthed superhero’s are back on our screens.

That’s it for this week. See you on the flip side.