The week Framestore gets freaky 👻 (01.11.19)

His Dark Materials

The long-awaited His Dark Materials hits screens in the UK this Sunday on BBC at 8pm, and the US on Monday 4th November (courtesy of HBO). Artists from LDN and MTL poured blood, sweat and tears into bringing Philip Pullman’s richly-imagined world to life, touching over 2,100 shots and working on approximately 50 dæmons, a hoard of fearsome panserbjørne and numerous epic environments. 


Radio Times – Overall VFX Supervisor Russell Dodgson becomes possibly the only person in the world to have talked to the Radio Times about a monkey’s balls. Yep, you heard right.

IBC Behind the scenes: His Dark Materials

Ruth Wilson, aka Marisa Coulter, gives Framestore a mention on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show. Have a listen here.

If you’re after something other than the trailer to bide your time until the release, watch this video where Phillip Pullman waxes lyrical about this high-end adaptation.

Season of TV

Framestore’s got one hell of a TV line up in store for you. Our #SeasonOfTV campaign celebrates the work of our talented teams on the projects, from fantasy environments in Apple’s See to the invisible VFX for The Crown and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Kicking things off this weekend is our incredible creature work in His Dark Materials.

We’ll be shouting about it on socials, so keep your eye out for lots of #SeasonOfTV content.

And with that in mind, take a look at what’s coming up..

Momoa, mo’ problems

Apple’s new streaming service, Apple TV+ launches today, Fri 1 Nov with a raft of tentpole series deisgned to get us spending even more on streaming services. They include See, a project the teams have done a brilliant job on. Check out the latest trailer for the Jason Momoa-fronted series here

The Witcher

See the first full trailer for The Witcher, along with an exciting announcement that the new series will drop on Netflix on 20th December. See what you think..

Marvelous Mrs Maisel

We also caught a glimpse of the upcoming third season of multi award-winning The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel; a project being delivered from the New York studio.

Lost in Space

The second season of Lost In Space hurtles to Netflix over Christmas – a show the NY team leant some expert VFX gloss to.

McDonald’s 40th Anniversary

The CHI office animated all 17 toys featured in this spot for McDonald’s, which celebrates the 40th Anniversary of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys.


AdAgeMcDonald’s brings back retro Happy Meal toys in a nostalgic play to boost restaurant visits

London Stock Exchange

Yesterday was launch of the Market Close Ceremony for The London Stock Exchange, a project delivered by the Labs team in London.

The most sophisticated of any stock market, the ceremony visualises the last five minutes of the trading day in a whirlwind of impressive graphics and a custom score.



Animago kicks off tomorrow in Munich, Germany and our Anim Supe (LDN), Arslan Elver’s talk is one of the picks of the conference in animation mag. Read more here

Access VFX Podcast

Head of Talent, Film, Amy Smith and Senior HR Advisor, Valentina Pace (LDN) talk to Access VFX about Brexit on their latest podcast. Give it a listen here

Mwahahahahaha 👻 

Framestorians from all over have been putting some serious effort into their costumes and decorations. Take a look at what’s been going down this week, all in the name of Halloween.

Last night the LDN cafe was transformed into a haunted house for Halloween drinks.

MTL’s modelling department showcase their efforts


A magnificent effort from our LA staffers

The Chicago office got their Halloween garms on

LDN & NY costume contests

and the overall winner all the way from the Chicago office is…

Obviously no-one can compete with that level of cute.

Pumpkin carving

MTL, LA and NY get creative

It’s an unusual one, but the City of Montreal and the Mayor CANCELLED Halloween in Montreal due to bad weather and postponed until today. Talk about party poopers. Keep an eye out MTL’s Halloween antics next week.

Launchpad Pro Animation

18 Artists began their Launchpad Pro Animation training in London to achieve our world-class standards for Animation 🌟

Eat Stretch Nap

The NY office hosted a Morning Yoga with Eat Stretch Nap.


Check out this side-by-side comparison of the iconic spaghetti scene from the original 1955 animated film and our work on the latest remake.

That’s it for this week. So long, suckers.