The week the daemon’s in the detail (18.10.19)

His Dark Materials Premiere

Russell Dodgson (LDN) took to the the Dark carpet at London’s BFI Southbank this week for the world premiere of His Dark Materials, alongside writer Phillip Pullman & the rest of the team. The lucky audience were among the first to see the spectacular dæmons we’ve created, before hearing from the cast and crew about how the series was made. HDM will air on BBC One on the 3rd Nov, and HBO 4th Nov.

Their written materials

Reviews have been piling in off the back of the preview screening, with NME describing the adaptation as a “magnificent retelling of Philip Pullman’s fantasy epic,” the Metro suggesting it’s a “spectacle worthy of the cinema, let alone your HD TV” and those Den Of Geek geeks saying that “in terms of family viewing, His Dark Materials is the real thing.”


Catch a first look of the new big screen adaptation of Dolittle, starring our friend Robert Downey Jr. and his menagerie of chattering creatures.

Don’t be upsetti, eat your spaghetti

Featuring THAT spaghetti scene created by our talented team, here’s the newest trailer from the heart-warming Lady and the Tramp – our canines created across LDN and MTL offices are looking pretty damn good 🐾 🍝

The Day Shall Come

Framestore was pleased to partner with long-time co-conspirator Chris Morris for his latest skewering of modern life. Our Design and TV teams touched some 236 shots for the film, with work including set extensions, CG work, invisible VFX and a wide range of screen and surveillance inserts. Catch the trailer here:

APA Awards

Last night we attended the APA Show, which saw our talented teams across Framestore recognised for their work on Bounce for Apple, The Nightclub for IKEA, Politics. Tamed. for The Times, Too good To Wait for Waitrose and Never Ask for Nike. Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard on these projects 🎉

Broadcast Tech Innovation Awards

More congratulations are in order, this time to the entire A Moon for all Mankind team which won the ‘Best use of VR’ award.

Battersea: Rescue Is Our Favourite Breed

Premiering last Saturday, the new Battersea ad demands respect for rescue dogs, who aren’t to be pitied but championed. The ad features an invisible touch of VFX and a colour grade by Steffan Perry (LDN).

As well as being named David Review’s ‘Pick of the Day’ , here’s some of the latest press on the ad:

LBBRescue Pets are Heroes in new Badass Battersea Ad

ShotsA handsome cast of cats and dogs shows Battersea’s power

Toyota – Short Cut

The work was a collaborative effort between the LA and NY offices, lead by VFX Supe, Michelle Ralla and colour by Beau Leon (LA).


Head of Texture, Michael Borhi (MTL) wrote this article for the Foundry’s website on the one skill artists needs to perfect their texturing to create amazing visuals.

What we’ve been up to

NY Client Party

Last night the New York office officially opened their doors to clients, hosting a party to showcase their brand new space. The Framestore squad are pictured below.

Attendees were greeted by the Geico Gecko who interacted with them care of an actor in a motion capture suit and a real-time render engine.

Sculpture class

Check out the results from our latest sculpting class in London by your talented colleagues. Credit to Dan Moore, Lead Modeller (LDN), for his particularly chiselled sculpt.

Potluck party

In honour of Hispanic Heritage Month, the LA office hosted a tasty potluck feast.

Staff Awards

Last call to vote for the good people of Framestore. Head here

That’s it for this week…