The week we have our head in the clouds (06.09.19)

The Aeronauts

Featuring some incredible cloudscapes, vast environments and an entire CG London, Amazon’s The Aeronauts boasts some vertiginous VFX work courtesy of the MTL office. Having premiered at Telluride the film has its Canadian premiere at TIFF this weekend, and was recently confirmed for a full theatrical release in the UK.

Spidey’s got legs

Spider-Man: Far From Home got an upgrade, with Sony re-releasing the film to include several additional minutes of action. This has meant a surge in box office sales, with an increase of 153% (not that it needed it, being Sony’s highest-ever grossing movie and all). Here’s a refresh of the incredible work our team did on the Illusion Battle sequence.


ScreenRantSpider-Man: Far From Home Box Office Increases 153% With Rerelease

Hobbs and Shaw

Hobbs and Shaw keep their foot on the accelerator and continue to dominate the global box office. They’ve held off the competition at the top spot for four consecutive weekends, making it the only movie this year to do so.

The Capture

The first episode of The Capture was on BBC One this week, snagging lots of positive reviews. As well as providing full series management we also served as a consultant in terms of how realistic the deep fake technology was. Read more on our site here


Benjamin Perry (LDN) spoke to Wired in this article about how the show’s CCTV footage for The Capture was created, as well as that unsettling deep fake tech.


This new ad for McDonald’s aired online this morning and features invisible VFX and a really striking grade by Steffan Perry (LDN). Watch it below or read more about our work on it here.


We’ve been made to wait patiently for a year, but we can finally talk about the work we did for UEFA Champions League’s rebrand, conjuring up these dazzling graphics for the football association’s broadcast titles. Have a read of how the team approached the project and see the full video here


VR Voice

The Flippers – AKA Jason and Gavin Fox – wrote this article for VR news website VR Voice about how you translate cinematic visuals into a VR experience. They discuss everything from identifying what makes a particular cinematic IP unique to how you go about devising a story within an existing world. 

The Drum

Karl Woolley spoke to Sam Bradley at The Drum about VR and what 5G will enable the technology to do for an article in the latest edition of The Drum’s print magazine. 


Saam VR, a virtual reality experience that puts users directly in the museum’s galleries, originally debuted in 2017. In early August 2019 it launched for both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets, and is now available for free download through the SAAM site.

What we’ve been up to

VFX Supe, Stuart Penn (LDN) gave the NY team some insights into his work on Smart Hulk.

Contagious Live

Last night, the LDN office hosted Contagious Live. The sold-out external event celebrates inspiring, stand-out marketing campaigns, pitch battles and interviews. Guests rushed to demo some of our most recent immersive work; the GoT VR game The Dead Must Die created by our talented VR team and British Airways’ AR game from Framestore Labs.

Chancery Lane Street Party

This week Chancery Lane was shut down from 12-2pm for three consecutive days, where people relaxed in the sun, got talking to other local businesses and, of course, got their hands on plenty of freebies, from ice cream to karaoke vouchers.

Adding to the street party vibe, one of our resident bands – the mighty Pixel Fux – put on an impressive show.

Also in attendance, was our lighting TD Alastair Cross (LDN), along with Framestore volunteers, showcasing an impressive photo-mosaic made from thousands of photos of litter in support of PicUpForLondon, a community based project dedicated to creating a cleaner environment for all.

And caught letting loose at the street party, our Senior Desktop Support Analyst, Darren Alexander (LDN) found the karaoke exhibit. Go on, Darren.

Elsewhere in LDN this week, we welcomed Andy Lomas to talk to our artists about Morphogenic Creations: art that is grown using a computer. He explained how he writes code to create forms that have a biological look to them, but keeps the human aesthetic in the mix. See more on his website

In MTL, the facilities team went full Hawaiian Summer theme, serving up local beers from their new FS-branded Ecocups and handing out water guns.

Last Friday, the MTL office wrapped up their 2019 internship, and celebrated the interns’ hard work with a pizza party including all mentors and co-workers, who then joined the fun at the companies beer party (see shenanigans above)

A personal thank you to the interns from MTL:

We would like to thank all the interns for their amazing work and attitude. We’d also like to congratulate Thibault Voukourakos, William Wilson, Paul Ringue and Preety Raj for being officially part of the Framestore family following the Lauchpad.

Personal Achievement

South Coast Challenge

Our Software Developer, Philippe Mothais (LDN) ran an astonishing 100km, from Eastbourne to Arundel for Cancer Research UK. A HUGE congratulations on your achievement, Philippe and we hope you enjoy a well-earned rest!

Although Philippe’s personal fundraising page is now closed, you can still donate directly to Cancer Research UK here.


A short film by Alex Prager, Play The Wind was a collaborative effort from LA with Beau Leon (LA) on grade and a team of Artists working their talents on VFX, all helping to achieve the surreal tone of the piece.