Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here? (23.08.19)

Hobbs & Shaw

Take a look here to see how we delivered 235 high-octane shots for the film, including that crazy car chase for the finale.


The film opened in Korea on Wednesday and soared to the top of the box office:

VarietyKorea Box Office: ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Topples ‘Exit,’ ‘Roar to Victory’

ForbesChina Box Office: ‘Hobbs & Shaw’ Hopes To Be The Year’s First Non-Superhero Hollywood Blockbuster

State Farm

Framestore worked on the innovative scene transitions, and created a baby turtle and the huge whale. We teamed up with DDB Chicago and Director Ian Pons Jewell of Reset, for State Farm’s humourous commercial ‘On The Board’. The spot was a joint effort between Framestore LA, NY and CHI offices. Read more here


Reel ChicagoDDB celebrates State Farm commitment to doing goodReel Chicago
LBBGet ‘On the Board’ with State Farm’s Competitive 100 Acts of Good Challenge

Cheese Gnomes

Given the choice, who wouldn’t want to be a giant cheesey cracker? This witty spot ‘Cheez-it’ was directed by Ben West of Framestore Pictures, and had Chicago work their magic on the VFX and Colour. See more about the work we did here


This week AEAF Awards announced that we won a Gold in Commercials Animation, Bronze for Commercials VFX and three Special Merits. Congratulations to our gifted Animation and VFX masters, and all involved on the winning projects!


The Boys

VFX Journo, Ian Failes highlights the best ‘bat shit crazy’ moments from The Boys in BeforeandAfters, featuring our bat shit crazy work from the car crash scene in the first episode.

Compositing Supe, Frederikke Glick (MTL) and VFX Supe, Christian Kaestner (MTL) are pictured below during their live interview with Fantasy/Animation podcast on Mary Poppins Returns, which will be released in late November this year.


AV Magazine spoke to Framestore’s rides team in London about our work for Lionsgate Entertainment World. Read the full article here

What we’ve been up to

Avengers: Endgame Internal talk

VFX Supe, Stu Penn (LDN) presented his team’s work on Avengers: Endgame to the London office this week.

Siggraph 2019

CG Supe, Amanda Johnstone-Batt (LDN) talks next-gen rides and discusses how real-time tech is the future of theme-parks, placing users in the driving seat of their own experience.

Lost Boys

The Lost Boys students paid a visit to our MTL office this week, and were given expert advice from Framestorians on how to build a CV and reel tailored specifically to our industry. Compositor and Alumi of Lost Boys Vancouver, Adarsh Langthasa (MTL) and Effects TD, Aaron Baudin (MTL) also gave talks about their Framestore Experience.

Interns last day in LDN office

After spending two months in the LDN office, we’re sad to say goodbye to our brilliant Interns. Today, each presented the amazing work they’ve completed on their own personal projects during their stay here with us.

While some are off to travel the world and back to uni, many have been offered contracts to stay with us. We’d like to say a HUGE congratulations on all their hard work!

And here they are, doing their best “we’ll miss you Framestore” faces.

MTL Further Education Benefit Programme

Meet the recipients of MTL’s Further Education Benefit pilot program – a grant that sponsors Framestore employees who want to further their career education. They’re off on their educational journeys, attending courses relevant to their roles at FS and will bring their newfound knowledge back to FS to enlighten us all. Good luck!

Party in the USA

The NY office had a Field Day last weekend. Team D were crowned the winners, and Team B came in second. 

Meanwhile, a beach party in Chicago ….

Employee Referral Programme

Do you know any fresh new faces you think would fit in here at Framestore? There’s a £100 (min) reward in it for you if you do. Head here to refer the next best Framestorian, besides you of course.

Christopher Robin, Birthday Boi

The real Christopher Robin was born on Wednesday 21st August 1920, which makes our man Chris a grand old age of 99. He was gifted his toy bear, Winnie-the-Pooh, a year later – so really it’s the literary legend, Pooh’s birthday too.

In Other News

Hugh Grant has officially stated Paddington 2 as the highlight of his career

That’s a wrap for this week – enjoy your weekend!