The week our hounds are found (16.08.19)

Lady and the Tramp

Ladies and Tramps, our doggos from the highly-anticipated live action remake are gracing the front cover of Disney’s fan mag D23 fall issue. Read more here.

Downton Abbey

With less than one month until Downton Abbey hits cinemas, here’s the trailer again just in case you missed it! Our team turned back time to 1920s Britain, aged historic buildings including: the Abbey (Highclere Castle), Buckingham Palace and Downton Village, as well as completely rebuilding Kings Cross station in CG.

Army of the Dead

Framestore have been awarded Army for the Dead, a Netflix film, which our MTL VFX heroes will be working on in the coming months. See the latest on the show from this Bloody Disgusting article.

Houdini Reel 2019

One of the most powerful special effects programs in the world; SideFX have released this years Houdini reel, featuring some of our truly formidable work from Dumbo, Purdey’s, Christopher Robin and Sunday Times.


Toronto Film Festival

The Hollywood Reporter announced that The Aeronauts is getting its Canadian premiere at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival (or TIFF, if you’re a luvvie). This is mega news for our MTL office who have provided stunning VFX for the film. Congratulations to all who have poured their talents into this project!

Waitt up, is that Chris?

Can you spot Creative Director, Chris Waitt (LDN), having a word with the other Chris (Pratt) on set of the Jurassic World – The Ride? Skip to around 2:50m to see the man himself.

The Drum

Chris also features in THE DRUM’S Creative Director’s Choice article, highlighting Toon Blasts sharp witted, deadpan ad campaigns featuring Ryan Reynolds. Read what reeled him into Toon Blast’s spell here

[come on babe, why don’t we paint the town…..]

Aaaand all that Razz

President, IA, James Razzall’s (LA) spoke to Shots Creative about how the Advertising industry has transformed, plus find out who his biggest influence was in his career and how much he got paid to sing in a choir. Head here.


VFX Supe, Alexis Wajsbrot (LDN) spoke to Dutch film website, Film Totaal, about the creative development of the illusion battle sequence and also gave top tips to budding VFX Artists. See the full interview here

What we’ve been up to

Jonathan Fawkner swapped 28 Chancery for Av. de Gaspé this week, and gave an internal talk on Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, talking to the MTL crew about the on-set aspects of the work.

The MTL office also hosted a conference by Jeansil Bruyère, executive director of the Aids Community Care Montreal (ACCM), which took place this week as part of the studio’s PRIDE celebrations.


In the LDN office this week we welcomed James Milford from Mindfulness in the Workplace to host a talk on Regulating Anxiety, which gave a deeper understanding of anxiety and focused on how to channel nervousness into excitement by adopting an opportunity-mindset rather than a threat mindset.

Facilities MTL made a feast by firelight (in the park) to celebrate our amazing runners

Framestore’s Soccer team

The MTL soccer team didn’t win the Cup this year but they are definitely still winners at heart! See some shots here from this season taken from our Senior Recruitment Manager & Professional photographer Bonnie Dorais.

There’s a storm comin’

Flamestorm have made it into the Season FINALS. The team would like to send a huge thanks to Adam Smith, who’s commitment and enthusiasm brought the team this far. Here’s how the semi’s went down:

“Flamestorm in the driving seat throughout the game against TiPi ‘Cheifs’. Both teams struggled in the field but 15 runs scored in the 3rd meant TiPi had too much of a mountain to climb. Final score Flamestorm 45 – 20 TiPi ‘Chiefs’. MVP’s went to our infield power couple Kasey and Mike, sneaking in one more game before they set of for Canada.”

Come and show your support in Regent’s Park (pitch 15) on Thursday 22nd for the season finals!

That’s it for this week – catch you next time!