The week The Boys are back in town (26.07.19)

Box Office Legend

La$t $unday Avengers: Endgame topped the box office to become the highe$t gro$$ing film worldwide EVER, now heading toward$ the 3 BILLION mark. Congratulations to all involved on the making of the film on this ma$$ive achievement!

Apparently if you’re Marvel making $1 billion is pretty breezy; Spider-Man: Far From Home and Captain Marvel also hit the $1 bill mark, making that the third Marvel movie to do so in just this year.

The Boys

What you up to this weekend? Why not hang out with The Boys? Consider this your Framestore homework. The brand new series, based on a comic book by Garth Ennis, is streaming on Amazon Prime Video as of today.

Think bad-ass, violent, blackly comic rule-bending naughty superheroes let loose in society. Then add plenty of expletives, gore and sex, and you’ve just about got it. Our artists worked to create the impressive car crash scene in the first episode as well as a superhero fight in the final scene of the series.

Watch the last trailer below.

The Marathon

The follow up to Santander’s Piggy commercial came out this week. Our team created and animated a brand new cute as heck piggy bank character and Chris Redding and Jed Fisher even turned their hand to puppeteering on the commercial’s set.

The Witcher teaser trailer

Comic Con last weekend saw the first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming series The Witcher that our TV team is currently creating lots of environments for.

This has been one of our most engaged with social posts showing just how excited people are getting for this new show.

Awards nominations

This year’s AEAF Awards see’s a cool 11 nominations for Framestore: 7 for Commercials Animation and 2 for Commercials VFX as well as our two immersive experiences for Game of Thrones.


The Immortal Awards Jury

James Razzall (LA) has been announced as a juror where he’ll judge the international advertising awards. Read more here.

Lionsgate Entertainment World in Forbes

In this in-depth article on Forbes, Jim Dobson who spoke to our partners Thinkwell Group about the technology at the park and how it’s creating the most immersive experiences for visitors.

Read the full article here.

Tonight! With Vladimir Putin in TVBEurope

Ahead of last month’s broadcast of Tonight! With Vladimir Putin, Simon Whalley and Richard Graham (LDN) spoke to TVBEurope for a three-page spread on the technology that made the show possible.

Read the full article here.

Dinosaur Anatomy Workshop

The LDN office was please to welcome Stuart Sumida, the most sought-after animal anatomy consultant in Hollywood, with a background in a wealth of films, Including: The Lion King, Zootopia and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Stuart spent the whole day with us, sharing his knowledge on his favourite subject, the anatomy and movement of dinosaurs.

You’ve been [Framed]

Find out about Art Director, Jonathan Opgenhaffen’s (LDN) best qualities, career highlights and things he just can’t live without here

CFX & Groom Open House

The MTL office hosted a successful CFX & Groom Open House with over 50 artists attending to hear Head of Groom, Luc and Head of CFX, James’ presentation on TOTAL, the photo-realistic bear in the upcoming Disney+ film Timmy Failure. Shoutout to James’ extra Hawaiian shirt.

Slice, Slice baby

It was on like Ping Pong in the LDN office, as the internal Table Tennis tournament finals got underway in the cafe. Congratulations to Junior Animator, James Saunders and Animation Supe, Max Solomon who were crowned the winners.

Big Boy League

LDN based Softball team, Flamestorm will be playing up against the likes of ILM, DNEG and MPC next year after their ace softball skills in this year’s season see them moved up to Division 1. There’s a huge VFX-sized storm comin’.


This week Beau Leon (LA) graded Phantogram’s latest music video Into Happiness.

In Other News

Meanwhile, poor little England’s taken a beating due to the heat wave and it’s all we can talk about

That’s it for this week. Catch you next time!