The week we use our illusion (12.07.19)

Spidey’s got legs

Spider sense tingling? That might be because just 8 days after release Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s total gross was already outpacing its 2017 predecessor, Homecoming by a massive $34m. To date the film’s total worldwide gross is now fast approaching $614m.

The spine-chilling-mind-bending ‘Illusion Battle’ sequence flawlessly conjured by our talented VFX artists is attracting lots of welcome attention, with many hailing it as the best and most memorable sequence of the movie! Head over to our website here for more about our work on the film.

See some twitter reactions below and excuse some of their language but, like us, they just can’t contain their excitement.


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And see this Variety article about why Spidey is so damn popular.

Mulan huge

Disney dropped the Mulan teaser trailer this week and it collected a cool 175m views within 24 hours, making it one of the Top 10 Most Viewed Trailers in a 24 hour period, ever. Who’s excited?

Good car-ma

Last week in LDN our Hobbs & Shaw crew let loose with a wrap party to celebrate their hard work on the film’s vehicular mayhem.

Give the trailer another watch here:

Wraps for everyone

While we’re talking wraps… We delivered a range of effects, along with a colour grade by Steffan Perry, for the new commercial Facts, encouraging people to ‘live their best lunch’. Read more about the work Framestore did on the commercial here

Radio 1

We composited Greg into stock footage backgrounds and created transitions between the scenes. We added CG and design elements, such as the alarm clock, and the dancing legs (in the 60sec version) and created a ‘handcrafted’ style endboard. 

Framestore Press

The Wall Street Journal

CD and VFX Supe, John Kilshaw (NY) features in the article which explores the not only Game of Thrones’ popularity, but what the show means for the future of fantasy TV. Read the full article here.

PBS Vermont

Vermont PBS Qulture is a TV show which explores Montreal’s booming arts scene and the talented folks living there. The crew came to visit our studio for a behind-the-scenes look into our VFX craft. Featured here is Managing Director, Chloë Grysole and one of our talented animators, Gabriel Giroux-Veilleux.


Last week the LDN office hosted the ExpoTees event in our cafe, where alongside Foundry and Morphogenetic Artist Andy Lomas, we showcased this year’s graduating animation, VFX, games and games programming students. See what went on in the video below.


CCO, Mike McGee (LDN) took to the stage at this years D&AD New Blood Festival at the Truman Brewery in LDN to speak about the future of storytelling.

Art Director, Jonathan Opgenhaffen (LDN) visited the National Film and Television School, inspiring students with his own personal journey in Visual Development and VFX, covering all the projects he’s worked on throughout his career.


The Art Department visited the Training Room to experiment with artistic tools in VR. They tried out Masterpiece VR for sculpting, and Tvori for creating scenes and animation.

In Other News

The MTL office welcomed a group of 8 interns who will join Production, Lighting, Texture, Effects, Paint and Roto departments this week.

James McGee from Improv Montreal came by to help break the ice for our interns on their first week in the office. Participants learned how to step out of their comfort zone and embrace ridicule!

The Rookies awards voting

Paint and Roto Artist, Matthew Wight’s (LDN) graduation short Jericho has been shortlisted for ‘VFX Film of The Year’. Not only that, but the short is also currently being shown at 7 festivals, both in the UK and internationally. Watch the incredible 1-minute short here.

The winner will be announced next Tuesday 16th July so share the short on Facebook to support your fellow Framestorian!

Fail to the chiefs

Another one bites the dust.

Framestore’s softball team, Flamestorm took on the Tipi “Chiefs” and won, keeping their position at the top of the leaderboard. Here’s what the team had to say:

“The opposition got of to an early lead with the score close at 14 – 11. Then the floodgates opened for us and we scored 17, playing round the order with everyone scoring 1 or more. There was really no coming back from that but we played it out to a final score Flamestorm 32 – 14 Tipi “Chiefs”.

Joint MVP’s this week go to Kasey Simpson and Tim Gregson for amazing catches in the outfield and consistent batting throughout. Next week is our last game before the playoffs and if we want that automatic promotion spot we’ll need to keep #winning against Twitter”

Also this week, Framestore’s soccer team in MTL won 3-1 against video game company, Ludia. Here’s what went down:

“An amazing goal from Yohann, which was full force “Super Mario Strikers” style, 1 own goal from Ludia and a nice goal on advantage from Laurence!We are now 3rd in the ranking and we will be facing Method Studios next week!”


And that’s a wrap for this week