The week we gaze into black mirrors and dark materials (17.05.19)

Avengers: Endgame

As the film tops a massive 2.5 billion Worldwide at the box office, further congratulations are in order for the Framestore VFX team who delivered more than 300 shots – no doubt enduring late nights and constant caffeination to make this film the masterpiece it is.

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Smart Hulk is (rightly) making waves across the internet. Hear from your colleagues as they share the behind-the-scenes action in the articles below:


Exclusive ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Images Reveal How Mark Ruffalo Turned into Smart Hulk

Before and After

It’s Hulk as you know it, but better. See the incredible transformation of Mark Ruffalo in The Smarts Behind Smart Hulk

Those time suits in ‘ENDGAME’ were all completely Digital

Art of VFX

AVENGERS – ENDGAME: Stuart Penn (VFX Supe) with Max Solomon (Animation Supe) – Framestore


Framestore breathes life into Smart Hulk for Avengers: Endgame

Animation Boss

Avengers: Endgame VFX Breakdown


Framestore Brings Smart Hulk to Life in Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Endgame’


We also went international, with this piece delving into the VFX breakdowns of Thor and Smart Hulk.


‘Avengers: Endgame’ is now China’s biggest-ever foreign film


Avengers: Endgame didn’t just break records for viewings, but for food and beverage sales. Marvel fanatics far and wide flocked to cinemas to catch the film, and collectively munched their way through 30m dollars worth of snacks in the opening two days. And that’s just in the US.


His Dark Materials trailer

Exciting times for all the folks who’ve worked across the eagerly-anticipated BBC/HBO adaptation of His Dark Materials: the trailer drops online at 6pm BST today, and will air on the BBC tomorrow during FA Cup Final. We know the world can’t wait to see all those dashing dæmons our film and IA creatives have conjured!

Sky – Ride On

The spot sees former Team Sky riders, including Tour de France winners Chris Froome and Geraint Thomas, cycling across Britain encouraging anyone with a bicycle to join them in a huge peloton.

Framestore’s VFX work can first be seen in the birds-eye view of a roundabout where the team used stock footage of a road and digitally added every cyclist. Matthew Thomas (LDN) designed the cyclists in 3D, adding a variation of 25 different outfits.

The second shot Framestore composited is the final shot of Ride On, using digital matte painting and live-action footage of the road to make the peloton look as though it stretched back for miles.


For all the Black Mirror enthusiasts, IT’S BACK. Here’s the first trailer – featuring our TV team’s skillz – showcasing the fifth season, soon to be unleashed on Netflix.


Triple win Sports Medal on Apple Sports Medal on Apple Sports Medal on Apple

Creative Circle

We received a creative circle award in Best FX / CGI for Ubisoft, Starlink: Battle for Atlas as well as a Merit Award for VFX at The One Show Awards

A double win at NY Festivals Advertising Awards

Framestore won gold for Toyota ‘Wizard’ AND silver for Medmen ‘The New Normal’. Over 400 of the world’s most experienced advertising creatives from around the globe cast thousands of votes to determine this year’s award winners… that’s no small feat.

What we’ve been up to

Rob Allman was at Animex today to give an exclusive presentation on….

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Mental Health Awareness Week UK

Mindfulness in the Workplace visited the London office this week in support of Mental Health Awareness Week. They hosted two workshops; Managing Stress and Enhancing Resilience and an Introduction to Mindfulness. Further workshops promoting wellbeing are run throughout the year with more opportunities to sign up coming your way soon.


The London office also hosted a presentation on our Scottish Widows pension scheme, with another one next Tuesday for those who missed it.


Samia Paradis (HR), Jules and Lee-Anne (MTL) at NAD school event where the team looked at students’ VFX projects


Framestore Vs Escape Studios

London’s Chris Cook will be braving a 10-day trek to Machu Picchu to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society, but before he gets there he needs to raise some cash. This charity game night saw two teams take each other on in a game of Smash Bros. and raise a whopping £480.

Prizes included a various Marvel posters signed by Framestore VFX crew and a 3D hand-painted trophy, with the winners pictured below. Unfortunately it was Escape Studios that won, but you didn’t see that.

If you would like to support Chris and find out more about the cause head here.

Escape Studios Game Night

And the compositing team in Montreal went on a bowling trip last night for a (very) belated celebration for winning the Halloween decoration contest.


Framestore’s got heat 

HOLD UP… another win you say? But we’ve had so many already how can it be?

In Montreal, the soccer team are on fire with 3 wins in 3 consecutive games for Framestore FC. Here what they had to say:

“Last Wednesday, we played a physical game against Method Studios. In the end, we overcame adversity and won 6-3.

Goals: Romain Couturiaux (x2), Thomas Trindade (x2), Mathieu Latulipe and Yohann Deberg

Special mention to Lee-Anne Cormier who scored her first goal… into our own net.

Next week, we are facing Ludia FC. Let’s make it 4 wins in 4 games.”


And over in London… you guessed it, ANOTHER WIN. A fun game culminating in a huge win from Flamestorm, 23 – 6 TMW “Soho Swingers”. Hear the wise words from the winners:

“The early innings were just that with both teams trading blows, 2 runs here 1 there. At the end of the 4th inning the game was tied at 6 – 6 and it really was anyone’s game. Going into the final innings 6 ahead and batting first we needed to put some runs up to keep the Swingers at bay. After an early out we got stuck in and put 11 runs up in an incredible display by everyone involved. Daunted by the task at hand TMW fell aside without another run scored.

For driving our outfield force from 2nd base and some soils runs on the board at key moments this week’s MVP goes to The Mighty Puff, Great work!

Until then, if you see a storm coming make sure you bring the fun-duh! 🔥🌩️🥎”



In Other News…

Theatre in Montreal shows Horror instead of Pokemon

You’re sat quietly with your children in the cinema, popcorn in hand and tango blast at the ready, for Detective Pikachu to begin but instead you’re faced with a horror film where a mother drowns her own children. You think to yourself…

giphy (5).gif

Live-scenes from a theatre-goer

Screenshot (1).png

*SPOTTED in Cineworld*

And just in case you haven’t had enough of Detective Pikachu, he’s been strutting his stuff in UK cinemas.


It’s time for the weekend, what are you still doing here??

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