The week we’re in Ger-money (03.05.19)

A Blockbu$ter to end all Blockbu$ter$

Star on Apple Star on Apple Star on Apple Star on Apple Star on Apple

Avengers: Endgame is an un$toppable force becoming the fa$test ever movie to $mash through the $1 Billion barrier, breaking box office record$ WORLDWIDE.

The effortle$$ly epic film has had takings of over $1.2 billion in its opening weekend, and to date has surpassed 1.4 billion dolla bill$. Congratulation$ to all, what a huge achievement!


Empire Online ‘A Victory lap’

Observer‘Avengers: Endgame’ Puts the MCU in Company With Some of History’s Greatest Sagas’

Evening Standard ‘The first truly great superhero movie’


Global Managing Director, Fiona Walkinshaw, spoke to the Evening Standard about Framestore’s work across the franchise (though we guarantee she did not describe Framestore as a ‘special’ effects firm…).

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Cue the money chant, Hmmm hmm.

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Framestore worked on the breathtaking landscapes of New Zealand for Cuprinol ‘For Your Great Outdoors’, with VFX from the London Commercials team and a delicate and sensitive grade by Simon Bourne to enhance the feeling of nature. Head here for more.


The Dead Must Die

Magic Leap have released the promo for the Dead Must Die experience, which we created in partnership with HBO and AT&T. The AR experience was directed by our very own Murray Butler (Creative Director, NY), with Framestore also working on the VFX.

Campaign for Trinity College Dublin

Yesterday Trinity College Dublin launched their campaign #InspiringGenerations in a bid to raise 400 million for transformational University projects and the hope to raise 150,000 volunteer hours.

Framestore’s Design team were tasked with creating a 1 minute film, piecing it together with After Effects and bringing the story to life using both contemporary and historical imagery, adding additional layers and elements to make it visually rich. The result is seamless. See the talented work of our Design team below:



Grant Walker (LDN) recently spoke to Digital Marketing News about what went into creating that Audrey Hepburn Galaxy / Dove commercial and how we’d approach it differently today. In the write-up, the journalist left out the bit where we said we’d have another go if it meant a MASSIVE delivery of chocolate.


VR & Fun

How do you think you’d fare in the Battle of Winterfell? VR & Fun delved into the VR and AR experiences we’ve created with HBO for the final season of Game of Thrones. See the full piece here

Talking of fun, potentially more fun than playing the game is watching someone else play it….  something I’m sure, Scheduler Alissa Nunley (CHI) below can vouch for.


Animation World did this lovely write up to welcome London’s newest addition to the recruitment team, Henry Bull (LDN).

FMX Conference

It’s been a big week in Stuttgart this week. Our colleagues were out in force doing everything from running the recruitment booths to presenting, along with eating mounds of spätzle and drinking the occasional stein of beer. See what they’ve been up to in the name of Framestore below.

Head of Recruitment, Film, Henry Bull with recruiters Annie Barlow and Syntyche Bio (LDN) set up on our booth in Stuttgart ready to wow the crowds with everything Framestore.


giphy (5).gif

Christian Kaestner wowed the crowd with the magical VFX in Mary Poppins Returns


VFX Supe, Theo Jones (LDN) took to the stage to talk about the adorable (and Oscar-nominated!) Christopher Robin


Joint Head of CG, IA, Ahmed Gharraph presented on creating creatures using Houdini in the SideFX Suite



No room at the inn! Annie and Syntyche presented to a packed room of people eager to hear more about what we do here at Framestore.

*Word on the street is that a certain other company (hint: beginning with M and ending in C) drew in a grand total of six in the audience… WHOOPA.*


Global Talent Development, Andrew Schlussel (LDN) took a seat on the panel dicussing ‘Education: The Quest for Young Talent’ and how VFX studios can encourage creativity and diversity in the industry.

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Auf Wiedersehen FMX! Catch you next time.

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Elsewhere in the world, Laurie Brugger (MTL) presented at the FITC event in Toronto about her understanding of leadership.


World Creativity and Innovation Day

For WCID this year, we hosted a group from Walthamstow School for girls who pitched us some ideas that would improve their community. The creative team then put those ideas into some pitch documents for them. You can see their great ideas here


You’ve been [framed]

Besides learning what the talented Carlos Munoz’s greatest achievements, we also learn his most valuable skill is wriggling his right ear. No one likes a show off, Carlos. Read the full interview here.

Talking of Carloses (Carlons? Carli?) MTL-based VFX Supervisor Carlos Monzon is currently out in Japan, posting some enviable snaps to his Insta and preparing to take a seat for an earlier-than-the-rest-of-us-and-we-are-not-jealous-at-all screening of the long-awaited Pokémon movie release.

Screenshot (1).png

Sporting legends Fire on Apple Fire on Apple

We have sporting successes in all realms from Soccer and Softball to the London Marathon runners.

First up, LDN “Flamestorm” are hotting up with their SECOND win. Here’s what they had to say:

“A slow start for both teams ended in a dead first innings, Flamestorm brought the thunder though and stormed through the second and third innings with a hefty lead. The Jags tried to shut us down but there was no stopping the storm!”

Final score Dunhumby ‘Jags’ – 4 Flamestorm – 19

This week’s MVP was Jakub Vykoukal who brought us not only a staggering 4 runs but had a fantastic fielding double play with 2 outs”

image (11).png

Second to the stand, in Montreal the Framestore soccer team braved the cold and freezing rain, started the season with a 4-1 WIN against “Rodeo”.

Chequered Flag on Apple Woman Running on Apple London Marathon

We’d also like to say a MASSIVE well done to Molly Haviland and Paula who completed the London Marathon this weekend, with both finishing in just over 4 hours. Congratulations!


With all the hype of Avengers: Endgame it seems fitting that McDonald’s should jump on the band wagon too. Maria Carretero (CHI) brings to life their new spot with a vibrant grade.

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Also this week, Jessica Vile (LDN) worked on a rich grade for the latest spot for the new Caledonian Sleeper train.


In Other (important) News…

What you doing tonight? Because Covent Garden are hosting a huge Pokemon pop-up. Covering all your needs from Pokemon lattes and cupcakes to nail art.