The week we’re on a Box Office high (15.03.19)

What a Marvel Fire on Apple

Captain Marvel is absolutely killing it at the Box Office since it’s worldwide release last week. As the studio’s first female-lead comic-book movie, it debuted with a MASSIVE $455 million globally, and has now soared past the $500 million mark. That makes it the SIXTH best start for a movie of ALL TIME. Not bad, not bad at all.

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While we’re talking Marvel, cast your eyes on the brand new trailer for Avengers: Endgame..

Tokyo Galaxy Flagship Store AMFAM Launch Rocket on Apple Globe Showing Europe-Africa on Apple

Here’s some of the Japanese TV coverage showcasing AMFAM in all it’s glory at the new store.

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Hudson Yards

Framestore has designed, built and installed a first-of-its-kind integrated digital content system at Hudson Yards in New York. The system delivers high-end video content to visitors, residents and workers via a network of digital signage throughout what is the largest and most ambitious private real estate development in the history of the United States.


Phase one of Hudson Yards development was unveiled this week in New York,  introducing 14 acres of new public space.



New Spots


Tom Routson (Framestore Pictures) and NY take our favourite Gecko to his first ever NCAA tournament.


Featuring work from both LA and NY offices


The LDN team worked on the VFX and colour grading for the new spot ‘Clouds’, featuring a parachuting cat


Our Art Department worked on the concept for the limited stores-only version of the Psyduck Pokemon card. Watch out for the scratch attack…



Congratulations are in order for the Framestore film team whose work on Christopher Robin won a FICCI Award for VFX in a Film (International). The award was picked up by our friends at Anibrain, who were out in Mumbai for the event.

Below Anirban Das from Anibrain with the FICCI Award and Anirban with Rahul Mahajan, Sagar Dabir, Rohit Karanjavkar and Michael Johnson after the ceremony.

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While we’re on the subject of awards, Cannes Lions seemed to enjoy being amongst ours on their latest trip to 28CL


Lara Hopkins, took to the stage at the CG Futures Conference in Melbourne to discuss everything Framestore, including advice about careers in VFX and animation.

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Seedling on Apple In LDN, fresh new 2D apprentices have started and what better way to welcome them than with a ‘Welcome breakfast’, settling them into life at Framestore for the next 8 weeks.
John and Katherine will be joining Suzanne Jandu’s department in IA, while Caspar and Kayleigh will be part of Shayne Farrier’s department in Film.

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Also in LDN, we invited Alli Godbold from Mindfulness in The Workplace to host a session on Nutrition and Healthy Eating. Leafy Green on Apple


Fireflies – Patagonia

Spirits are high for CCO Mike McGee (LDN, pictured bottom left) and team who are still going strong with a few days left of their cycle through Patagonia. Donate to Mike’s page here.


International Women’s Day

Last week Framestore attended a Client Luncheon to celebrate International Women’s Day in LA for people in production companies and agencies, held in LA Culver City.




LDN’s Simon Bourne worked on this touching Macy’s spot ‘Find Your Beautiful’

Aaaand that’s everything all rounded up for this week.

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