The week we’ve got our trotters crossed (22.02.19)

Oscars Ceremony

Framestore’s getting hyped ahead of the upcoming Academy Awards Ceremony happening this Sunday. We’re keeping our fingers, toes, and everything else crossed for our nominees Chris Lawrence, Michael Eames and Theo Jones, up for Best Visual Effects for Christopher Robin

Also in the running for the same award is Avengers: Infinity War, which our artists created the dramatic opening sequence for, and Ready Player One which our Art Department did a huge amount of concept work for. Congratulations on your impressive work that helped take these films from storyboard to screen!


IMG_6584 (1)

Bronte Carmichael, who played Christopher Robin’s daughter in the film, made these signs for the Oscars using the real Piglet ‘stuffie’ that was used in filming.

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Watch out for three new Rolex spots, directed by Juan Cabral, which will air during the commercials of the Oscars Ceremony. Framestore were tasked with creating a reel of content that could be projected in various environments.

Sky ‘Curfew’

Framestore’s television department has delivered a whole bunch of VFX sequences for Sky One’s exciting street racing drama. Originally only supposed to work on a car chase scene, Framestore’s work on the spot grew to multiple intricate and complex VFX shots across the series. Catch it TONIGHT at 9PM.


Gotta Catch ‘Em All

The Pokemon Company have unleashed the designs for three new cards to tie in with the Detective Pikachu film. Our Art Department designed two of them; Jigglypuff and the constantly-confused Psyduck. Both characters also appeared in the very first trailer of the film.



The Times and The Sunday times

The #PoliticsTamed spot, directed by William Bartlett (LDN), has been picking up some good press:

Shoot Online


The Drum

Mary Poppins Umbrella on Apple

Digital World Media
A piece on Mary Poppins returns featuring two of our VFX Supervisors Christian Kaestner and Rob Duncan


Head of Animation, IA, Ross Burgess (LDN) was [throwing all sorts of shapes] on the stage this morning to speak about the exciting future of theme park rides at this years Move Summit Conference in Edinburgh.

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Wine not?

How to: win the hearts of Framestore employees? Answer: Send them a monstrous order of Champagne.

Disney Studios kindly sent the London office a very generous gift of champagne, which we gladly accepted, as a “thank you” for all the marvelous work Framestore was involved in for Christopher Robin film. Chin-chin!

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Woman Running on Apple Legends amongst us Woman Running on Apple

In London we are combining month-end drinks with fundraising for our two marathon runners, Molly Haviland and Paula Huelin Merino, who are raising money for the Lord’s Taverners charity

As well as a raffle and bake sale, Jim Carter, star of Downton Abbey and an ambassador for the  charity, will say a few words about their work… and stop for a drink or two.

If you’d like to support Molly and Paula’s i n c r e d i b l e efforts, please donate to their personal pages.

Come on, you know you want to.

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Back to School

Four fresh apprentices will be joining us in London from 11th of March. Caspar, Kayleigh, Katherine and John. They are split across IA and Film as Junior 2D artists.


Compositor, Ariel Levental (LDN), made another visit to Escape Studios this week to give students on the Advanced Compositing Course feedback on their work.

2019Feb_Framestore_ArielLevendal_AdvComp (1)

In Montreal, recruiter Laurence Leblanc-Robichaud gave top tips on how best to present Le portfolio to artists looking to get a toehold in the industry



Music to my.. Eyes Eyes on Apple

Have a listen to Vampire Weekend’s ‘Harmony Hall’ graded by the mighty talented Beau Leon (LA).

Also this week, Maria Carretero (CHI) graded the music video for ‘Drumma Some’ by G. Yamazawa.


Box like a Champ

As pay-day looms, how about some Marvel-inspired boxing gloves? They’re legit and they cost $299.99.

marvel gloves.png


We’re rounding-up the round up in the cutest way possible…

The Ed Psych Practice brought in a group of special educational needs students to 28 CL this week for a presentation and a chance to experience our Fantastic Beasts VR experience. Compositor, Prince Yiadom and Head of Talent, Amy Smith received this thank you video:

If that doesn’t warm your hearts there’s no hope.