The week we suit up for BAFTA’s (15.02.19)

Sparkles on Apple

Rob Allman, Nathan McConnel, Fiona Walkinshaw, Kyle McCulloch, Ben Loch, Christian Manz and his wife, Kate Cuffin, and Andy Kind hit the red carpet at the BAFTA’s last weekend for their nomination in Special Visual Effects.

Nominees Christian Manz and Andy Kind were interviewed ahead of the ceremony:

British Arrows Shortlist


In case you didn’t already hear, we have received FOUR nominations for the British Arrows:

Best VR/360/AR Experience for Samsung A Moon For All Mankind
Best VFX and Best CGI for McDonald’s Reindeer Ready
Best CGI for Ubisoft Starlink: Battle for Atlas 

A HUGE congratulations to the tremendously talented teams behind all of these projects.


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Alita: Battle Angel Flexed Biceps on Apple

To our North American cousins, Alita is now showing in cinemas worldwide in time for Valentines. Framestore’s work on the project encompasses a broad range of VFX; from the floating city of Zalem, to the vast Iron City and the Motorball stadium; featuring key frame animation of robot-driven team players, cheering crowds and the building of the vast stadium itself.

Amb081_0030_after (1)

Super Bowl Spots

Here’s my super-late-mention (my bad) of the spots we did for the Super Bowl, which aired on February 3rd.

Toyota – Wizard

Bringing the Toyota Supra back, big time. Both the VFX and Colour by Framestore. Directed by Marc Forster, the spot is being re-released this Sunday at the greatly anticipated Daytona 500 (a 500-mile-long Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series motor race Eyes on Apple )


Top Dog – Avocado’s from Mexico

Our Chicago based team created subtle visual effects work including crowd replacement, compositing, clean up, and colour. In this humourous spot, the dog owners, not their canine counterparts, become the subjects of the competition.


McDonald’s – Fry Show

A great McDonald’s debate. Do I get the classic fries or the Big Mac? OR do I add crispy bacon? Our Chicago office did the general clean up, Maria Carretero (CHI) did the colour on the spots and Krysten Richardson led the VFX team who worked on the overall campaign. The first spot aired just before kickoff this year.


The Sunday Times

Have a watch of the new genius spot directed by Framestore Pictures’ William Bartlett, likening politician’s gibberish to that of zoo animals. Below is a twitter link to the 20 second spot, with the full 40 second spot being aired in the UK this evening.

The spot was projected onto the side of the House of Commons in London and has been successfully causing all sorts of confusion amongst the public, especially for poor Brian here:

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OFFF CDMX Main Titles

Director Sharon Lock and Framestore’s Design Studio mastered the main title sequence for OFFF CDMX, which was showcased in back in 2017 in Mexico City. Fast forward to 2019 and it’s 1 of 30 shortlisted for Excellence in Title Design Award at SxSW festival. Read more about the work.


Creative Review Victory Hand on Apple

Amanda Johnstone-Batt features on the How I Work piece in this months edition of Creative Review!


BBC Click

Oscar-nominated Chris Lawrence spoke to BBC Click about his role as Overall VFX Supervisor on Christopher Robin and the creative challenges when creating the characters


How about some wizardry for your Friday afternoon? Check out joint overall VFX Supe Christian Manz who appeared on BBC Click to talk about Fantastic Beasts..

Art of VFX

Shout out to Framestore’s Christian Kaestner and Kyle McCulloch in this interview on Mary Poppins with Production VFX Supervisor Matt Johnson


Daily Echo

Theo Jones is interviewed by local newspaper in Bournemouth, ahead of the Oscars.


What you up to, Framestore?

Head of Creative Effects, James Nicholl (MTL), taught two CFX workshops at the Vancouver Film School

James nicholl.jpg

Meanwhile, in Vancouver the recruiters roadshow got underway at Lost Boys School…

VAN - recruiters roadshow.jpg

Opening Sequence for Ciclope

A shout out to the David Lochhead and the Framestore design team (LDN) for the magnificent title sequence they created for the opening of Ciclope Festival


A fresh grade by Simon Bourne (LDN) for Adidas ‘Recode Running’ spot


Heading West, our colourist Maria Carretero (CHI) works her magic on a grade for documentary called “After the Fire”, which will be featured in the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival happening this weekend.

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… and Beau Leon (LA) works his magic for a short film ‘Crying Out Loud’

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Happy (???) US Presidents day for Monday!