The week we’re dining with the finest (08.02.19)

Oscar’s Luncheon Crown on Apple  Hamburger on Apple  French Fries on Apple


Spot VFX Supe, Theo Jones, and Global Head of Animation, Michael Eames, along with previous clients (including Alfonso Cuarón) amid the star-clad Oscar lunch.

VES Awards

Congratulations to those who worked on the Apple ‘Welcome Home’, which won an award in Best Compositing in a Photoreal Commercial. See the winners Michael Ralla, Steve Drew, Alejandro Villabon and Peter Timberlake receiving their well-earned award.

Here’s the Framestore legends working the red carpet. Don’t they scrub up well.

VES group shot




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We’ll be back next year, VES.



A new trailer for Tim Burton’s Dumbo has dropped, and in it you can see some of our Montreal team’s wonderful work. Team MTL were responsible for everything you see outside of the colosseum. Take a look!


BBC Click

Catch Rob Allman on BBC Click discussing the creation of key sequences, plus the making of the characters’ iconic super-suits.

Also see Christian Manz on BBC Click this weekend talking about the BAFTA-nominated Fantastic Beasts

La Presse

In order to get the most out of this one you’ll need to be a French speaker… but for rest of us mere English speaking folk La Presse mentions it’s “been a record year for VFX” and in 2018, “Quebec visual effects studios contracted $493 million, an increase of 88% over the previous year. So for the first time, the visual effects contracts exceeded the expenses of foreign shootings in Quebec”

Our work on Christopher Robin & it’s Oscar nomination are both mentioned.

Channel your inner french speaking prowess here


VFX Supervisor, Chris Lawrence, casts back on the making of Oscar nominated Christopher Robin in his interview

Studio Daily

More from Chris Lawrence as he dives into the teams work on Christopher Robin and what he learned from working with the production team, for Studio Daily

Mad Movies

Welcome to Marwen article featuring our VFX supe Romain Arnoux (as well as the film’s overall supe, Kevin Baillie)



Christian Manz headlined the first day of the VFX Festival at the Southbank Centre this week, talking to emerging talent about his role at Framestore and his experience as Joint Overall VFX Supervisor on the Fantastic Beasts films


That’s a wrap! Burrito on Apple

With Open World due to wrap this week in Montreal, the crew take a team snap


Back to School

Head of Talent, Amy Smith (LDN), regularly mentors at Walthamstow School for Girls and this week the school was visited by the Minister of State for Skills and Apprenticeships, Anne Milton, to speak to them about their careers programme.

The programme is supported by two business volunteers (one of them being Amy!)



In London, the IA Animation team take part in the first improvisation class,  led by actor and teacher Bruce MacKinnon.



This week the LDN HR team hosted talks on Brexit for our EU Employees to tackle some of the uncertainties that surrounds it. 120 employees signed up to the sessions which were focused on maintaining the right to work & applying for the UK settlement scheme as well as what to do in the event of a “No Deal” scenario.

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If you have any questions at all, please contact Valentina Pace or Anne-Marie Gough.


See a peek of this weeks grade by Maria Carretero (CHI) for the Special Olympics DC spot.


Catch you all next week for more Framestore antics

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