The week the All Blacks take a leap (30.11.18)

Gather round, team.

Have a look at what’s been going on this week at Framestore

team talk

All Blacks

In case you missed the action, four large men who throw an egg-shaped ball around for a living visited 28CL on Monday to play Air New Zealand’s ‘Fact or Fantasy’

The guys were all blown away by the complex detail and interactive elements of the storytelling experience. Congratulations to Labs, who have worked tirelessly to continually evolve the game, making it into the 3D board game masterpiece it is today.

Waisake was the only player light enough to have a go on our AMFAM rig.

Ireland claimed victory over the All Blacks last month, and Richard Fish accidentally chose the only piece of clothing to wear that didn’t need ironing…

The rest of the team at Framestore managed to squeeze in for a group shot…


Labs continue to tour the AR game… next stop: ‘Most Contagious’.

Artemis Fowl

The Disney trailer has just dropped, showcasing some of Montréal’s stunning VFX work on the project. Props also to our art department, who worked on set extensions, costume work and environments for this dazzling big-screen adaptation.



The first-ever world premiere held in India for a major Hollywood release; the Mowgli cast and crew attended the Mumbai Premiere to celebrate the story’s Indian roots

The Reviews are (of course) celebrating your epic work bringing the film to life:

The Times: “The best Mowgli yet”
Polygon: “stuffed to the gills with life”
Den of Geek: “The CG work here is spectacular”

Razzall Dazzle

James Razzall, dazzles in this interview discussing how we stay at the forefront of creativity and technology.


LA Star on Apple

LA hosted the Shots Rising Stars party, where our very own Michelle Lee was acknowledged as a rising star!


Motion FITC

Adrien Saint Girons at Ideas in Motion FITC in Toronto talking about Blade Runner 2049! Check out his talk here


Content London

Our Head of TV, Michelle Martin, was at this year’s conference, talking about conjuring VFX for today’s TV audiences. On other panels were bods from Netflix, Amazon and Sky, so we’d say she was keeping pretty good company

visual spectacle DSC_3541.jpg

Fantastic Beasts

Supes Christian Manz & Andy Kind joined David Watkins (Special Effects) and BAFTA/VES members for a screening & panel on the making of Fantastic Beasts & the power of collaboration when making these amazing films


Sensing the Future

Mike McGee shone on stage in Shanghai at the OTC ‘Sensing the Future’ talk this month



Sculptures are coming along nicely in London



This week in London the HR Team facilitated two well-being sessions. Our neighbours, Pure Sports Medicine visited on Tuesday afternoon and delivered a talk on High Performance Living that covered everything from hydrating properly to getting the right amount of sleep and eating a proportionate diet.

* Pure Sports Medicine offer all Framestore employees a 20% discount on their services *


Mindfulness in the Workplace hosted the second session discussing Children’s Wellbeing  for parents / expectant parents on Wednesday afternoon. The workshop provided an overview of ‘good enough’ parenting, children’s mental health, creativity and providing emotional support. For those who missed this session, a recorded version will be posted on the Training site


Simon Bourne’s beautifully soft hues for Agoria’s music video

and Beau Leon grades bold images honouring strong women through history

In Other News

VFX Oscar race begins 

giphy (3)

Take a look at who Indiewire think might make the VFX Bake-Offs for this year’s Oscars.

Weird but relevant #Baloo

Has Anil been method acting this whole time in preparation for his Baloo role?

and watch this space in next weeks round-up for your behind-the-scenes making of action of our favourite carrot-craving festive Reindeer

Tomorrow is officially the first day of Sparkles on Apple Pie on Apple   holiday season  Pie on Apple Sparkles on Apple . So that’s less than a month until you break out the family board games only to be reminded why your family don’t play board games anymore. In that spirit I thought I’d re-share this gem with you all…

Have a brilliant weekend!